Friday, December 30, 2011

Dank from Existence by Abbi Glines GIVEAWAY reminder

Today is my birthday and I tried to decide what I wanted to do with my blog to celebrate my birthday.  One of my favorite things to do is character interviews.  So what better thing to do on my blog but do a character interview.

Today, I have Dank from Existence.  I must admit, I'm a little terrified to talk to .... um .... death.  Okay, so here we go.

So, Dank thanks for agreeing to talk to me today.  The picnic table outside the school is a perfect choice for our little talk.  This is the first place you saw Pagan, right?

No. It was the first place Pagan saw me.

Oh interesting. Tell me, what was your first impression of Pagan?

She was odd. Never had I come across a female as ..ah… unique as Pagan. Sure she's beautiful but outward appearances mean little to me. Her strange behavior intrigued me. 

As you watched her, you... um .... kind of fell under her spell.  Do you know what it is about her that captured your attention the most?

She is genuine. There are no pretenses. If she is wrong she admits it and apologizes. If she wants something she doesn't hold back. She goes after it. *coughs to cover a chuckle* Which was ridiculously irresistible when it was me that she wanted. 

Can you describe Pagan in 5 words?


Yours, huh? Wonder if Leif would agree.  Anyway, can you describe the perfect day with Pagan, if you think you could handle spending that much time with her.

There would be no souls to take. I could spend my day with just Pagan. No other forces pulling me away. No responsibilities other than making her smile. Anywhere we could be alone… far away from the deceptive quarterback. 

Yeah, I got the feeling you didn’t like the quarterback much. 

Your responsibilities could be considered difficult.  How do you see so much sadness and not let it affect you?

Sadness is a human emotion. I'm not human. When Death takes your soul it is just part of a cycle. You'll be given another life. A new life. It's the way it's always been. 

You can't be with Pagan but you tolerate her being with Leif.  What's it like watching them together?

I despise Leif. Next question. 

Oh, guess that explains it. *heehee* You seem very taken with Kendra, or at least Pagan seems to think so.  What's up with Kendra and you?

Kendra was the only way to keep Pagan at a distance. I was trying to save Pagan's soul. I tolerated Kendra. She was a shield to protect Pagan from me. Nothing more. 

If you could have one wish, no questions, what would it be?

To be a soul instead of the Deity in charge of taking souls. 

You play guitar and sing in a band.  Do you write your own songs?  Is there another band you would consider similar to your music?

Music was once the only thing I enjoyed. It gave me a purpose. I do write music. I've written several for Pagan .Our band sounds similar to Muse. 

Nice.  I like Muse.  Any songs that remind you of Pagan or the two of you?

Going Under  by  Evanescence
 When the Stars Go Blue - The Corrs
Time is Running Out - Muse 
Those are a few. 

M&M or skittles? I'm not a sweet eater.
Burger or steak? If I am going to eat, steak. 
Soda or coffee? Soda, I guess. 
Mountains or ocean? Ocean. It reminds me of Pagan. 
Night or day? Day.                  
Blond or Brunette? Brunette. Transporters are blond and Lief is blond. I dislike that color. 
Blue or brown eyes? Brown

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know? My full name is Dankmar. It means "famous for his spirit"  

Thanks Dank for hanging out with me for a bit.  Good luck with Pagan.

What do you think of Dank?

I love him and I can't wait for book two.  If you missed my review, find it here.

Thanks to Abbi, I have presents to giveaway for my birthday.  We have an eBook copy of Existence & a SIGNED poster.  What's a birthday without presents.

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  1. Excellent interview, Dank sounds awesome!
    I've heard about Existence quite a bit and I'm super excited for it. Here's hoping I get to reading it soon *crosses fingers*

    A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

  2. LOVED the interview! I cannot wait to read this book! I love Abbi's books, and I know this one is going to be awesome!
    Thank you SO much for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

    Gena Robertson

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I really enjoyed the interview. I'm looking forward to reading Existence. How neat that we share a Bday! I hope you have a day that's as wonderful as you!

  4. I love it when there is a character interview. I have this book on my wish list.

    Thanks for the posting and for the giveaway opportunity.

  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! I absolutely LOVED this interview and am now dying to read the book!!! :))