Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

My summary:

Rose is a Dhampire, half human half vampire, and all she wants to do is keep her Vampire friend Lissa safe.  She had been training to be a Vampire bodyguard, a job most Dhampires do, until Lissa wasn’t safe at the Vampire Academy.  So she took her and ran but the gorgeous Dimitri has found her now and is forcing them to go back.  Out of options, they return to face the dangers and the strange changes in Lissa.  Who can they trust?  Who is killing animals?  Why do some of the students hate them?

My thoughts:

3 stars – a good read

So I know that I’m late to the game here.  I’ve heard of this book forever and haven’t read it.  Really, I just wasn’t interested.  But the YA bachelor’s postson Down the Rabbit Hole has got me interested in Dimitri so I decided to give the book a try.  I really did like the book.  I know it’s a 6 book story so this one spends a lot of time setting up the world.  I get that.  There was some action but I’m hoping for more in the next book.  I’ve heard it’s better and well I am interested in the characters so I’m sure I will keep reading.  Who could not be interested in Dimitri.  I wasn’t sure at first about him but let’s just say that things get pretty hot later in the book.  I like Rose.  She’s strong and you better not cross the girl.  I wish Lissa were a little stronger though.  She seems like a wimp for a vampire.  I expect my vampires to be strong and good fighters but that’s not the world here.  Anyway, if you’re like me and haven’t read this one, you should give this one a go!


  1. I hope you do keep reading these books because they do get better. It took me a while to warm up to Rose but now she is my all time fav heroine. Lissa I can take or leave. I agree that she is on the pathetic side and like you I prefer my vampires to be tough!

  2. Awesome review! That Dimitri post has me interested too... I'm glad the characters work well for you. Can't wait to read this one!

  3. Everyone keeps telling me that I would love these books...