Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Misfit by Jon Skovron

My summary:

Jael Thompson is turning sixteen. It should be a big deal but maybe not as big a deal as it turns out to be. Her father, the distant ex-priest, has moved her around her whole life. He works for the local Catholic high school where Jael goes. They don’t have a lot of money so there will be no expensive gifts or much of anything. But then there is a gift, something from her mother who died when she was a baby. And this gift will change Jael forever. That’s saying something since Jael is half demon on her mother’s side.

My thoughts:

3 ½ stars – a good read

So I started this book in a mad rush. I sped through the first half really enjoying it. Then I struggled through the rest unsure of how I was feeling about it. I liked the world building that took place in the beginning. It’s an interesting and a different take on the idea of demons. Never really saw any portrayed as good before, kind of an oxymoron there. So I was very into figuring out that part of the story. I really liked Jael’s mother, Astarte. We saw her in dreams or visions from the past. I never really figured out completely how it is that she was a good demon. She was for sure bad at some point. Anyway, I also really liked Paul, Jael’s father, based on the visions from the past. It was hard to go from really liking him in the past to Jael being mad at him in the present. Anyway, Paul got a raw deal in the story really. I felt bad for him.

Jael, not so much. She was a typical teenager that couldn’t or wouldn’t relate to things outside her little bubble. While I did grow to like her, she had to do some growing up for that to happen. I really liked her uncle. Still can’t quite picture him but I liked him being there for Jael when she couldn’t talk to anyone else.

As for the Jael’s love interest, Rob, he was interesting. Not sure I understand him yet. His skater image coupled with being the math and science brain is a little odd. He has a strange connection with Jael that I never really got. I was pretty frustrated with their relationship too. When exactly did they get together? Not sure. The development of their relationship is not even a sub plot in this book. Suddenly she refers to him as her boyfriend. And there are at least two times I’m trying to figure out where the boy is? I would say that this is the weakest aspect of the book.

So I noticed that this book seems to be a love it or hate it kind of book. Don’t sign me up for either. It was good but it frustrated me too. If you like demon myths and a lot of growing up kind of issues, then this book may just be right for you. Count me in the middle.

I have declared for the Net Galley July challenge and this book is part of that.  Thanks to Net Galley for access to this book. Check out the challenge here.


  1. I have this from NetGalley and plan to start it soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Andrea @ Reading Lark

  2. Great review - I've been putting off starting this one.

  3. I really liked Misfit. I think Rob and Jael's relationship took that big leap to bf & gf when she looked at his soul. I hope there will be a sequel.

    ~Christy Love of Books