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Lor Mandela Four Hundred days by L. Carroll Review and author interview

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welcome L. Carroll

Hi Valerie,

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, and also, thank you for helping out with the "Four Hundred Hours to Four Hundred Days" Blog Party! It's been so much fun getting to know awesome bloggers, such as yourself!

~Did your story come to you easily or was it a struggle?

Well, a little bit of both. The basic concept for the Lor Mandela Series came to me in a dream, so there wasn't really any work involved there, but as far as putting all of the intricate little details together -- making sure everything flowed properly and tying up all the crazy loose ends -- that was a bit more challenging, and even incredibly frustrating at times.

~When did you first have the idea for your story?

It was eight years ago, or so. I had this really cool, really vivid dream where a stunning young lady with long auburn hair and emerald green eyes was fighting in an epic battle. She was doing pretty well for herself, but all at once, the battle took an ugly turn. At that moment, she thrust her sword into the air, shouted out a cryptic message, and everyone around her vanished.

When I woke the next morning, I thought, "Wow! That would make such a great scene in a movie…or a chapter in a book." The entire story of Lor Mandela evolved from that dream. It was the first chapter I wrote, and eventually ended up as Chapter 16 in "Destruction from Twins".

~What do you do to pump yourself up for a day of writing?

I start each day with an hour and a half of calisthenics…oh wait! That's not me…. ;o)

Actually, I love to write, so it doesn't take much pumping. However, I have my days where I just can't seem to get into the zone. When that happens, I will force myself to think of my poor characters, and how I've left them hanging in limbo somewhere. When I think of their lives just stopping like that, it usually gets me going again.

~Do you ever crave any particular food while writing?

Ya know that one food…the one that makes the perfect word jump to the front of your brain at precisely the right moment? That's the one -- that and Italian. Is that weird?

~What are you most likely to get distracted by while trying to write?

The internet is good and evil at the same time! I will get distracted by emails, Twitter, Facebook, online shopping, random and unimportant news events…it's horrible! I learned early on, that when I'm writing, the internet is not allowed to be open on my computer. Beware authors! It's a cunning tempter that leads weak-minded writers astray.

~Can you describe your story in 5 words?

Chaos wrapped in a cover.

~So now, is there more than 5 words you want to say about your book? :)

Since my new book, "Four Hundred Days" is a sequel, I'd like to share short synopses from both books. Here goes:

"Destruction from Twins" is about a dying world, the little girl predestined to save it, and the sixteen-year-old from the boring small town of Glenhill, Iowa who gets tangled up in the whole mess.


"Four Hundred Days" follows the heiress to the Lor Mandelan throne as she sneaks away from her home world to Earth, in an attempt to save a dear friend from a wicked tyrant. While there, she meets an eccentric old lady whose imaginary butler/fiancé is supposedly the key to her success. But how can someone who doesn't exist be any help at all?

This book takes the reader to some interesting "haunts", like the dismal halls of Alcatraz Penitentiary, a decrepit, abandoned saw mill, and the foreboding Northern High Forests of Lor Mandela where friends become foes, enemies become allies, and just because someone dies, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're dead.


Yep… I think that's more than five words.

Thanks again for having me, Valerie! I've had a blast!!!

Thank you L. I appreciate your time.

Now it's time for my review of Four Hundred Days.

My summary:

While it appears that Lor Mandela has been saved from the dark magic and the destruction from twins, the battle is far from over. Ryannon will not be satisfied until Audril belongs to him and he rules not only Lor Mandela but Earth as well. Audril risks much to safe loved one from the terror that Ryannon dishes out on both worlds. But even the child of balance may not be able to protect everyone she loves and stop Ryannon. What will happen to those Audril loves? What will happen to the two worlds she calls home? Who will help her? Who will betray her? Can she complete her mission by the Four Hundredth Day?

My thoughts:

4 stars – a great read

Four Hundred Days is an epic fantasy YA novel. It is a complex weave of a magical world full of limitless creatures and spells with an action packed plot full of twists and turns. You literally will just need to hang on for the ride and try and keep up with it.

I enjoyed the story of Audrill as she tries to solve the problems she was literally born into. The solution that was present in book one is not complete and there are still so many people that want power. The world of Lor Mandela is not yet back to its stable self so the power is certainly up for grabs.

I must admit that epic fantasy is not my favorite. I prefer the paranormal or urban fantasy worlds where there is usually more relationship development.  This books focus is on the action and that action lasts up to the very last page.

I believe that anyone who enjoys epic fantasy will be absolutely riveted by this book. It is masterful in its development of a magical world full of depth and complexity with a past paced plot.

The story will continue in the third and final book in the series yet to come.

If you’re into epic fantasy, this is a must read. Enjoy the read.

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