Monday, July 11, 2011

Once Upon a Read-a-thon updates and mini-challenges

I'm participating in the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon on July 11-13. I plan on reading 4 books.

The Near Witch
Vampire Academy 
The beginning of After
Cold Kiss

Check here for updates on my progress.
6 hours reading
Finished Falling for Romeo and The Near Witch
301 pages
2 mini challenges complete


Mini-challenge(YA Bliss)

3 GOOD love triangles (Meaning we aren't sure who is Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong until the end)

1.  I have to agree with @YABliss on this one.  Conrad vs Jeremiah from Jenny Han's Summer series.  I haven't read the last book yet so I still know the ending for this love triangle.  I have my hopes but I don't know who Belly will choose.

2.  The next one I would pick is Will vrs Jem in Cassandra Claire's Clockwork Angel.  I am so Team Will but that has more to do with me than with Tessa.  I have no idea who she will choose and Cassandra has suggested that Clockwork Prince will up the stakes for Jem.  A great love triangle.

3.  The last one I would pick is Shay vrs Ren in Andrea Cremer's NightShade.  While I think some people think that Calla made the choice already, I disagree.  I think Wolfsbane will heat things up again between Ren and Calla - and boy were they already hot, ouch.  But what about Shay?   There is no clear choice and that's what makes it a good love triangle.

Mini Challenge (The Bookish Type)

So here is my made up summary based only on the cover of Firelight- I have not read this book.  I apologize now to the author and the cover designer now. 

Tammy was tired of the comments about her fiery red hair.  She was born with it and it refused to be colored.  She was tired of the comments about her eyes looking different from everyone else.  The popular girls tried to convince everyone she was some kind of witch.  She couldn't change who she was but she could do something about those popular girls.  It was time to teach them a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.  Her "deal" with the cosmetics company to promote a new line of eye make-up was bound to make them flaming jealous.  That is until it all blew up in her face.

8 hours reading
Part of Misfit
Part of Vampire Academy
416 pages

Total reading time 14 hours reading
1 complete book and parts of 3 others
717 total pages


Mini Challenge (Wicked Awesome Books)

I'm supposed to play cupid and match two characters from different books.  I think this is hard because I like to keep my characters in their books. I mean can there really be anyone else for Clary besides Jace?  I can't break apart couples like that.  

So I think I'll look at other characters.  Like Simon from the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare.  He is dating too many girls last time I checked.  The boy needs to figure it out.  So, who better to help him figure it out than Angelique from Cara Lynn Shultz's Spellbound.  Angelique is a witch and can surely "fix" our boy Simon.  Besides, Angelique could use a boy to distract her while Brendan occupies Emma's time. =) Of course this may break Izzy and Maia's hearts but Izzy will get over it and Maia may have other prospects already. Hmmm.  Maybe I like this game after all.

Mini challenge (Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing)

Part 1.  This challenge may be my favorite because it involves my very favorite thing about blogging and that's recommending books to people.  I supposed to give a short review and recommend of a book.  Here goes.

Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Alex is a seventeen-year-old half-blood who's snarky sarcasm constantly gets her in trouble.  She also kicks butt and asks questions later.  Being a Sentinel is all she has ever wanted and trained for but a few things besides her attitude are getting in the way.  One has to do with her mother and the other has to do with the totally forbidden and totally gorgeous pure-blood Aiden who she's crushing on. Oh and Aiden is the one training her, nice cozy fighting kind of training.

This book is an action packed battle between doing what you are supposed to do and doing what you want to do.  Alex has a strong personality and doesn't need anyone to fight her battles but she may need someone to help with strategics for her battle plan.  She doesn't always make the best choices. Her character is dynamic and well developed.  I love those dynamics with Aiden who is just as kick-butt as she is but with beautiful silver eyes.

This is a must read for anyone who likes paranormal romance.  It has great myth and world building.  It has fabulous characters.  And it has an action packed plot.  Did I mention the forbidden love in it?  Read it! Oh but it doesn't come out until October, so read it then for sure.

My full review is here. 

Part 2.  I'm supposed to pick my favorite book I've read in the read-a-thon.  Well, I'm not done but I have a good idea already of which book it's going to be.  So far I have read The Near Witch, Vampire Academy and I'm finishing Misfit today.  By far, the favorite is The Near Witch.  I've already reviewed it for my blog, so check that out here.  I hope to finish Misfit and get one more in today.  Wish me luck.  =)

6 hours reading
Finished  Vampire Academy
Finished Misfit
Pages read 318
2 mini challenges complete

Total for all three days
20 hours reading
3 complete books
1035 pages read

I've decided that I don't like or enjoy trying to read more than one book in a day.  I like to blog and write my reviews as I go.  I'm never going to win the most books read or most pages read but I certainly have a good time!


  1. I haven't read any of the books your love triangle deals with, but I have Clockwork Angel and Nightshade on my to-read lists. I also have Firelight on there.

    I've heard great things about all of them.

    I liked reading your made up summary, it was fun to read.

  2. I like your made-up summary!! I also picked Will and Jem as top 3 favorite love triangles.

  3. I have The Summer I Turned Pretty and Clockwork Angel sitting on my shelf but keep hearing such good things about the love triangle in each of them.
    So I think I will have to get to them soon :)

    Nightshade got honorable mentions on my list. Can't wait to see what happens between Ren and Calla in Wolfsbane!

  4. ha!!, that was funny. Well done.

    Michelle A

    I did Vampire Shift by Tim o'Rourke...cringe...

  5. well both book for me would be read in about the same time may be shorter if i am not distracted

  6. Haha, isn't it hard to break up good characters? But Simon could really use some help in figuring out his love life, so kudos to you for throwing him a witch. If the shadowhunter and werewolf weren't enough for him, who better than a witch? Thanks for participating!

  7. Three out of four is awesome! Good reading!!

  8. Wow,

    You got a whole bunch done. And you got pretty darn close to your goal. I think your fake summary is pretty cool. I had a blast this read-a-thon...hope you did too! :D

    Check out my final update here:

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