Saturday, July 16, 2011

Frostbite by Richelle Mead

My Summary:

Rose continues to study at St. Vladimir’s training to be a guardian but things are far from calm for this Dhampire. She still trains with Dimitri but she also loves him, which makes things difficult. But he is interested in Tasha who is certainly interested in him. Then there is Mason who would love for Rose to be interested in him. All of this drama is complicated by the sudden organized attacks by the Strigoi. Everyone is on edge and high alert. So the academy is crawling with guardians, including Rose’s mom who she hasn’t seen for years. The sparks fly between them verbally as well as in hand-to-hand combat. More sparks fly as everyone argues about how to keep the Vampires safe. Rose discovers that Dimitri has taught her more than she had realized as she tries to safe her friends from the same type of poor decision making that Rose herself is famous for. Those poor decisions have a way of costing more than anyone ever expects, including Rose.

My thoughts:

5 stars – a must read

Happily, I discovered that Frostbite is considerably better than the first book in this series. The world was built in book one and so this book spends a lot more time on character development and interaction. Richelle does a great job with that. Of course there is Rose, who has grown up some since book one. Her relationships have expanded to include others besides Lissa. And while she struggles with her feeling for Dimitri in this book, she proves that she really wants him to be happy. Speaking of Dimitri, I love him. He is quiet and strong but Rose sees things others don’t. I love his efforts to do what he believes is right. I love his willingness to be there for Rose. I love how he takes her seriously. He may say she is young but he respects her.

I loved getting to know Mason and Christian in this book. I admire both of them and think they add so much to this book. Adrian adds an interesting dimension to things too. I can really see him ruffling a few feathers in the future. Somehow I don’t think Dimitri is going to take his presence at the academy very well. HeeHee.

Lots of action and drama in this one. It was hard to put it down and I’m afraid that I just need to go buy the rest of the series and hide until they are all read because it feels like it’s only going to get better from here.

This is a must read for fans of paranormal romance.


  1. The VA series is so good! I've read the first three books and I loved them :) And I agree Dimitri IS great.

    Great review :)

  2. I've been rather reluctant to start this series, mainly due the fact I'm rather tired of the pointy toothed people and also cos the covers are so terrible but you're the second person to really get me interested, and luckily my library seems to have all of them!

  3. So glad you stuck to these books! The next one is my favourite in the bunch so you're in for a real treat! Though I'm warning you now...Dimitri is mine:)