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Will Herondale

From The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

He is a gorgeous seventeen-year old Shadowhunter that lives in London during the 19th century.  He is Welsh by birth and while many believe he is an orphan he actually left his parents as a boy and joined the Clave at the London Institute.

What does he look like?

According to Tessa in the Clockwork Angel, “He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen.  Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass.  Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes.  Even the curve of his throat was perfect.  He looked like every fictional hero she’d ever conjured up in her head.” Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel page 36

I admit that my mental image of Will has never been depicted in real life but the closest I have ever seen is Adam Gregory.  We just need to fix those green eyes to be blue and we have Will.

If this picture doesn’t convince you that Adam is Will, how about these?

There is little argument that Will has the looks, the boy is hot! 
But many think his personality is somewhat suspect.
He is a little full of himself.

“’Magister?’ He looked mildly surprised by her vehemence.  ‘That means “master” in Latin, doesn’t it?’… ‘I’ve mastered many things in my life.  Navigating the streets of London, dancing the quadrille, the Japanese art of flower arranging, lying at charades, concealing a highly intoxicated state, delighting young women with my charms...’
Tessa stared.
‘Alas,’ he went on, ‘no one has ever actually referred to me as the “master,” or the “the magister,” either.  More’s the pity…’”

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel page 36

BUT do you also see that he is smart and funny.  Can’t you just hear that British accent?
Need more evidence that the boy is hilarious?

"Remember when you tried to convince me to feed a poultry pie to the mallards in the park to see if you could breed a race of cannibal ducks?"

"They ate it too," Will reminisced. "Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck."
(Love this line!)

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel

The boy has sexy down too.

“’Let me see your hands,’ he said suddenly. ‘Tessa?’  She gave them to him, palms up, hardly looking at them herself.  She could not look away from his face.”

“He brushed his fingers lightly over the surface of the glove.  There were four pearl buttons fastening it closed at the wrist, and as he ran his fingertips over them, they sprang open and the pad of his thumb brushed against the bare skin of her inner wrist, where the blue veins pulsed.”

“He was still stroking the inside of her wrist, his touch doing odd delicious things to her skin and nerves.”

“Will took her hand and pressed it to his cheek.  She was startled by the feverish heat of his skin. ‘Tess,’ he said, his voice thick and soft with desire, and she leaned toward him, swaying like a tree whose branches were weighted by snow.  Her whole body ached; she ached, as if there were a terrible hollow emptiness inside her.”

“When he leaned toward her and brushed his lips across hers, she reached for him as if she would otherwise drown.”

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel   

As for fighting, he’s good!

“There was no fear on Will’s face as his gaze met the vampire’s—no hesitation, and no surprise.”

“He moved fast, Tessa saw, like a dark blur, and the knife in his hand was a flash of silver in the smoky dimness.  When he stopped moving, the boy was lying on the ground, the blade protruding from his chest.  Blood welled around it, thicker and darker than vampire blood.”

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angel

Oh and the boy is distant, rude and difficult but you got to know he’s hiding something.  The bad boy routine is just an act to protect himself and others.

"Do reasons matter when there's nothing that can be done to change things."

“’Tessa,’ he whispered.  He crushed her against him; it didn’t matter now what he did.  He buried his face in the crook of her neck, where her throat met her shoulder.  Her hair, already beginning to stiffen with blood, scratched his cheek.”

“The smile broke what was left of his resistance—shattered it.  He had let the walls down when he’d thought she was gone, and there was no time to build them back up.  Helplessly he pulled her against him.  For a moment she clung to him.”

Cassandra Clare Clockwork Angels

If you don’t believe me that Will Herondale is the perfect YA bachelor, take it from him. is pleased to have Will Herondale with us here today.

Welcome Will, I just have a few questions for you.

`Tessa would like to read a book with you, of your choice.  What book do you choose and why?

Vathek. Fabulous bit of Gothic trifle. Potions, genies, lascivious dancing, blood sacrifice, magical swords, sworn enemies. If Vathek doesn't have her in fits nothing will. Good moral, too: “Woe to the rash mortal who seeks to know that of which he should remain ignorant, and to undertake that which surpasses his power."

`If you could have one favor granted to you by the angel Raziel, what would it be and why? (No fair asking for that little matter from your past to be fixed or for Jem to be healed - too obvious).

Well, that's not much good then is it? I would wish not to care — about anyone or anything.

`You're planning the perfect evening with Tessa (I know you can't be with her - you are just planning not doing). Where will you take her and what will you do there?

 Well, fortunately we Shadowhunters have slightly more relaxed rules of courtship than mundanes, for I would certainly not be allowed an evening unchaperoned with Tessa were I not Nephilim. But imagining that she wished to spend an evening with me, and that circumstances were other than what they are, I would think she would enjoy an evening at the theater, especially if it involved Shakespeare, I don't believe she's ever seen a play in the flesh.

`You visit Jem's room after being out all night "at the bars or the brothel or whatever" and he's playing his violin. You pause and listen before you enter. What's going through your mind?

That Jem makes beautiful things and I just destroy them. That really it ought to be me dying and not him. I mean what's the point of living if you can't even enjoy it?  Yet Jem enjoys all the life he's got. It isn't fair.

`You're fighting the Magister beside Gabriel (never mind how that came about it just did).  Gabriel falls and the Magister runs.  Do you help Gabriel or pursue the Magister?

Pursue the Magister. Not only is that the Law, but Gabriel can manage on his own, the tedious little sod.

Thank you Will, that was very enlightening! :)

I have one more little tidbit to help convince you this boy is worth your vote.  Cassandra Clare just released the prolog to Clockwork Prince and it's all Will.  While it was interesting and fun to read, the best part was the end when he was asking about love potions or rather something to help you fall out of love.  The ghost assumes he means to use it someone else, but it's for him!  He is trying soooo hard to stay away from Tessa to protect her from something.  Gotta love that noble sacrifice thing he's got going on here.  If you haven't read it, check it out here.

Well, that’s Will Herondale.  I hope you love him as much as I do.  Team Will!  Good luck Will.

Please vote for Will in the following categories:
  • Best Bad Boy
  • Sexiest
  • Best one liner (got to love the duck comment)
  • Best Fighter 
  • Change my mind
  • Overall Favorite

A very special thanks to Cassandra Clare for the character interview. 

For those of you not familiar with Clockwork Angel, check out my review here.

The book trailer is included below.

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