Thursday, July 7, 2011

Follow Friday 7-8-11

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I'm still new to Follow Friday although I've read them for a while on a lot of great blogs out there.

Q. Let's step away from besties...What is the worst book that you've ever read and actually finished? 

This is so hard because if I really don't like it, I don't finish it or review it.  Okay after doing some sorting on goodreads, I've got this.

Not That Kind of Girl drove me nuts!  The ONLY reason I didn't like this book was Natalie.  She gives strong girls/women a bad name.  The way she was strong was to make men look and feel stupid.  She drug her "best" friend through the pain of a humiliating experience over and over again to prove that ALL guys suck, can't be trusted and should be avoided at all costs.  Are you kidding me here.  The only reason I finished this book was because of Conner, the hot guy who put up with Natalie on her terms just to have a relationship with her.  Natalie man bashes, is cruel and drives her best friend away.  Not the characteristics of a strong women as far as I'm concerned.  Good thing this one came from the library.   Here's my review.

So, what about you?  What the worst book you've ever finished? 



  1. Happy Friday!
    Thanks for stopping by Bookish :) I'm your old follower, too!
    Haven't heard about the book you picked, but it definitely doesn't sound appealing! From what your saying I get the impression that the lead character is a rather bitchy and immature girl and I honestly admire your patience - you actually finished it?! WOW! :D

    See you around! <3

  2. Happy Friday, I hope your enjoying the hops!

    Yuck, I can't stand character's like Natalie, they make all women look bad in my opinion. I can understand doing a little man bashing if the guys actually deserve it, but if they don't then it's unnecessary to be cruel and then to drag your bff who you supposedly care about through all that pain, just to prove you're right. Ugh, arrogant much?! Geez, I'm glad you said something about this, now I won't waste my time with this book.

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung
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  3. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I haven't read this one - a good thing ;)

    My FF,

    Have a nice weekend..

  4. Hey, thanks for the hop (: I'm an old follower of yours too.

    Since you laughed at my whale book (horrible pictures, horrible story, ugh) I shall laugh at your... uh... man hater >:] Ain't I smart? By the way, that random man basher doesn't deserve a hot guy.


  5. I'm actually an older follower, but want to say hi anyway. So, hi! ;-)

    It's funny how much a character can annoy us as if they were real... or make us feel any strong emotions for that matter. I love it.


  6. New follower stopping by :)

    Wow, I HATE when YA books send out bad messages to young girls (and guys) when that is such an impressionable age group... I have seen this with a lot of books-- either the female protagonist is a man-hating, anti-marriage feminazi (ex. Graceling by Kristin Cashore) or a doe-eyed sap who can't stop worshiping some dude who treats her like crap (ex. Fallen series by Lauren Kate). How annoying!

    Anyways, haha, that's the end of my little rant ;)

    Feel free to stop over and see me sometime at the link below, it takes you to my FF post for this week-- have a great weekend!

    Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  7. I haven't read of this book, and I'll tell you why. The kissy-kissy cover. Oh my goodness. I know that has nothing at all to do with the character everyone is talking about, but that kissy cover makes me look away with a shudder! (All kissy covers do, not just this one!) Eeek!

    Not that I've never read a book with a kissy cover before, but this one is so close-up.

  8. Ick, good thing I haven't read this one. There can be such a thing as too strong of a woman, that's for sure.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! And somehow I hadn't followed you before so new follower I guess!

    Book Brats!"

  9. Thanks for the warning! Doesn't sound like my kind of book.

  10. Now I know not to read this book.
    Happy reading!

  11. Poor guy. Lol. Sometimes the only reason I like a book is because of the guy, too. XD

  12. hopping through. hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. I've seen this book around, but haven't added it to my list yet. Sorry you didn't enjoy it!

    Happy Hopping!

  14. Old follower hopping through to return the FF love!

    I've not seen this one around but I think I'll avoid it is I do! Ta for the warning!

  15. I just read your goodreads review and this sounds like the kind of book I would avoid like the plague.

    You should really try Vampire Academy when you get the chance. Best vampire series ever.

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I HATE annoying lead girls in books - it is my one main complaint and reason I don't like a lot of books. Which makes it weird that I liked Twilight so much, as Bella is a whiney Thanks for stopping by today! I am now, as always a follower :0)

    here's mine -

  17. I made you speechless? Really? Wow.

    I greatly dislike girls who think they are strong by running people into the ground. That's horrible. Thanks for stopping by my hop. Have a great weekend :)

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  18. It really sucks when you just can't relate to the main characters of books. I haven't read this one, luckily.

    New follower! :)

    Reader's Refuge

  19. Hopping through. I haven't read that book. It's hard when you just don't like the main character.
    My Hop

  20. hi,
    thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Have a wonderfull weekend!!!

  21. Thanks for stopping by and I am following you now! I am a very character drven reader and I don't think I would have liked this book either.
    Truly Boookish

  22. The library has saved me *so* many times from buying books which I end up not enjoying at all! This book doesn't sound like my kind of thing, either. Thanks for stopping by my FF. :) Old follower.

  23. I've never read this one. If I had, I would have felt the same. Man bashing doesn't sound fun to read.