Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

Source: Library

My Summary:

Francesca is one of thirty girls going to a coed school that used to be an all boy’s school, a school of more than 700 boys. Her mother is falling into deep depression and won’t get out of bed for more than 3 months. The friends she thought she had at her old school aren’t really friends. The only choices for new friends are a rag tag group of outcasts. She has strange neighbors that are always happy, driving her nuts. She blames her dad for her mom being sick. The 12th year prefect is driving her crazy. She doesn’t smile or talk much. Can her life ever get any better?

My thoughts:

2 stars- not my taste

So I heard about this book on another blog and checked it out on goodreads. Everyone loved it, so I picked it up at the library. I started reading and thought what is up with this writing? I put it down. I don’t usually finish books I don’t like so I was surprised when I picked it back up. There has to be something there, so many people liked it. I waited. I read. I never liked it. But maybe you will.

Here are the problems I had with this book:
• Scattered writing where it seems that scenes go unfinished and forgotten
• Severe depression not being treated to the point that it’s neglect
• Too many big problems that overwhelm the story
• Too many minor characters that make my head spin

So you can probably tell from my summary that there are a lot of story points that are wrapped up in a relatively short book. No wonder scenes seem to go unfinished, no room to deal with it all. As for the depression, I live with family that suffers from it. Never, never would I let someone suffer to the extent that this mother was allowed to suffer without getting help. I don’t care if you want help. You have to get help when it goes on this long. As a result, I was angry a lot during the book. This book was not my taste, at all. It may be yours.


  1. It's a shame you didn't like this one :( I remember reading it a few years back and although it isn't my favourite of the Melina Marchetta books I still liked it. I have reviewed her other book On The Jellicoe Road on my blog....prob best you steer clear!!

  2. I read this one recently. I did like it but I agree that the depression thing was very disturbing. It definitely isn't a light hearted read. I am going to read Jellicoe Road... apparently I need to be prepared for it to be equally as sad.