Thursday, July 7, 2011

Announcing 1 + 1 = 1

Woven Strands and StuckInBooks are combining the 

Characters drawing contest
+ Creatures drawing contest
Characters/Creatures drawing contest

As part of the 400 hours to Four Hundred Days blog tour, we have been running two drawing contests.  One was for Characters on Woven Strands and one was for Creatures on StuckInBooks.

 We are combining the contests and the prizes.   
What does this mean to you? 

Do you like to draw book characters or creatures?

Then use the descriptions below to draw a character or a creature from this series. 

What can you win? (Prizes are combined)

First place prize package: $50 iTune Gift Card and a SIGNED copy of Four Hundred Days.
Second place prize: A Signed copy of Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr AND a Signed copy of Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.

So instead of entering both contests, you only have to enter one on StuckInBooks.  There will be one first place winner and one second place winner.  There will need to be a minimum of 5 entries in order for prizes to be awarded.

Additionally, we have extended the time limit until July 31st.

Meet the Characters/Creatures:

Maggie Baker
·         Seventeen-year-old
·         From Glenhill, Iowa
·         Long black curly hair almost to her waist
·         Vivid blue eyes
·         Full peachy lips
·         Slightly freckled cheeks
·         Very beautiful

Teedee Venilworth 
·         Gigantic floppy lime green straw hat concealing hair
·         Fat jade and cobalt blue beetle necklace crawling around her neck
·         Extraordinarily small neck
·         Bright rain slicker-type smock with huge flower print that was four sizes too big
·         Petite body
·         Neon pink legs
·         Huge silver and turquoise rings on her knobby knuckles of every finger
·         Rainbow of jeweled bangles covered her arms almost to her elbows
·         Black and white zebra print galoshes
·          Hunched over little woman
·         Thick glasses with black plastic frames
·         Hugely magnified steely blue eyes
·         Hot pink lipstick poorly applied

Ryannon of Brashnell
·         Black cloak
·         Beautiful man – Adonis
·         Six-foot-four
·         Muscular and strong
·         Dark, wavy hair hanging down to his shoulders
·         Broad shoulders
·         Square, chiseled jaw
·         Intoxicating dark eyes with flexs of bright red sparkles and flashes of starlight
·         Glistening white smile

·         She can fade in and out of shadow
·         Melts into objects
·         Big buggy blue eyes remain visible
·         Height of a small child
·         Grinning ear to ear
·         Bobbin head up and down causing pure white wisps of hair to twist strangely
·         Bare bulgy brown tummy
·         No petting
·         Enormous two-headed creature
·         Thundering, massive, powerful beast resembling a house by twice as big
·         Black and scaly
·         Long prancing legs
·         Sleek, full, spiked tail
·         Swaying reptilian neck
·         Oblong, hooded head, similar to a king cobra’s
·         Glowing silver slits for eyes
·         Enormous mouth with gleaming, long, sharp, dripping fangs that gnash
 Solom Warrior
·         Shadow dweller
·         Black bare feet
·         Materialize from floor
·         Long, thin black legs
·         Come in crowds
·         Weaving heads side to side
·         Demonic nightmare
·         Seven feet tall
·         Pure black skin
·         Eerie pupil-less amber eyes
·         Long golden loin cloths worn by men
·         Short golden toga-type dresses worn by women
·         Thick black scrolling ram’s horn on either side of their heads

To Enter:
    Draw one (or more) of the characters/creatures based on their description above.
    Leave a link to your drawing in the comment box.
    Tweet "Check out my entry in the #FourHundredDaysContest @StuckinBooks, win SIGNED books and more"
    Follow this blog to receive contest updates.
    Facebook about the contest.
    Blog about the contest.
    Grab 400 Hours to Four Hundred Days button and plug into your blogs sidebar.
Please leave a link to each.
Please read the Four Hundred Days Creature Drawing Contest Rules and Regulations before you enter.

Contest Ends July 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm


  1. This is so awesome :)
    I drew Tabbit:

    I also tweeted, here:

    Thanks! You can contact me here:


  2. Hello again, in addition to my first entry I drew Teedee! :)



  3. Hello,

    I found this contest from Deviantart and my Username on there is Frozen-Song. Could know a little more about the personality of each of the characters. I ask this because I would like to draw them in a pose that match there personalities.

  4. Hi D-Dune,

    Maggie is a typical teenager, snarky and sassy.

    Teedee is wildly eccentric, lives in a big luxurious Victorian mansion, and mothers everyone.

    Ryannon is a confident and skilled warrior whose weapon of choice is a black leather glove equipped with thirty long golden spikes which shoot out of it.

    Tabbit is flighty and carefree, literally bounces from place to place.

    A Rynolt is a fierce beast that lives in a dark forest and hunts its prey at night.(usually small furry creatures, but larger victims aren't unheard of).

    And the Solom Warriors are proud, cocky, and will kill anyone who doesn't show them the proper respect. When they first appear in the book, they materialize in a big ornate hall in Lor Mandela palace. Their eyes are the first visible thing, and look like little orange flames dancing on the walls of the room.

    I hope this helps! Happy Drawing!!!

    L. Carroll

  5. Hey! here is my picture of tabbit...the colors are kind off because i took a picture of my drawing.....and that black thing is a shadow, and she is melting into the ground :)

    here is the link to my picture :

    and my tweet:!/HeyItsFishy/status/94436623558770688

    and i am a GFC follower: Ishita aka Fishy

    thanks :D

  6. Thank you *lormandela* That help so much ^ ^

    I drew a Rynolt
    And Lortu.... I don't know if I should of drawn him, was it okay?

  7. Wow, thanks everyone! It's been a blast to see these entries!!!

    Yolande, what an ability you have to capture whimsy and fun! These are both whimsical characters, so your drawings really fit the bill.

    Ishita (Fishy), I got "shadow" right away. :o) Your Tabbit is freakin' adorable!

    D-Dune, I'm glad you drew both of your pictures!! Lortu actually took my breath away!

    Only a few more days left! Thanks again everyone for sharing your amazing talents!!!

  8. Thank you for having this awesome contest! I drew Maggie Baker, in color and in black and white! Please check both of my links out, as they are different.

    Thanks again! Oh and the freckles on Maggie's face are hard to see, but they are there, they're just tiny! :)

  9. Thanks so much for the contest! It was definitely a fun one :)

    I drew Maggie which can be found at my blog. Here is the link:

  10. oh i just realized, do you need our emails?
    just in case, here's mine: