Thursday, May 2, 2019

Swoon Thursday ~ 5/2/19

Who doesn't LOVE a good swoon?!  We love them for sure!  Check out our swoon below and then add to the fun.

Post anything that made you swoon, past or present read.  Include the cover, blurb and links.  Please no spoilers.

The Men with the Golden Cuffs (Masters and Mercenaries, #2)A woman in danger…

Serena Brooks is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. She knows how to write a happy ending but hasn’t managed to find one of her own. Divorced and alone, she has no one to turn to when a stalker begins to threaten her life. The cops don’t believe her. Her ex-husband thinks she’s making the whole story up. She has no one left to turn to except a pair of hired bodyguards. They promise to guard her body, but no one can protect her heart.

Two men in search of love…

Adam Miles and Jacob Dean are halves of a whole. They’ve spent their entire adult lives searching for the one woman who can handle them both. Adam is the playful, indulgent lover, while Jacob is the possessive, loving Dom. When Serena comes into their lives, Adam is certain that she’s the one. But Jacob’s past comes back to haunt them all. He is suspicious of Serena’s story, and his concerns are driving a wedge between him and Adam. But when the stalker strikes, they will have to come together or lose each other forever…


He walked out into the sunshine and caught sight of them. Serena sat at one of the outdoor tables, her hair shining in the sun. She threw back her head and laughed. And Jake. Fuck all, Jacob Dean was beaming at her. He turned slightly, and his eyes found Adam. He nodded for Adam to join them. 
Serena followed Jake's eyes and suddenly that smile lit up Adam's whole world. She pushed her glasses up and waved for him to come over. She pushed out the seat she'd saved for him.

He belonged there beside her.

I'm loving this one! So into Adam and Jake and Serena and their budding relationship.

That's our swoon this week! What about you? Leave us a comment & a link.

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