Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dark Alpha's Demand by Donna Grant ~ Review

There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I am coming for you...

My secret is an ancient one. I exist to exact vengeance on the Fae for their wrongs per Death's orders. When I’m sent as a spy to one of the most treacherous, deceitful places in any realm – the court of the Light Queen – things go awry. Neve captured my soul with just a look from her seductive gaze. She is who I want, who I crave…who I hunger for. But someone has set out to kill her – and expose me. I’ll destroy any man – human or Fae – who brings harm to her, for she is the light my soul can’t risk losing…

I love the Dark Kings series by this author.  This one, Reapers, is a spin-off from Dark Kings.  The two have begun to intertwine so I decided it was time to dive into this series.  But I wasn't a fan of the first book.  The second one was better, this one not as much but I'm glad I kept reading after that first book.

The reapers answer only to Death and she can be a bit mysterious.  With an enemy that keeps targeting them, the reapers continue to do their job.  Talin has been under cover at the light castle.  There he met Neve and fell in love with her, before this book opens.  But reapers aren't supposed to let the Fae know who they are.  It's a death sentence for the Fae.  Talin tries to hide things from her but it definitely has had a impact on their relationship.  Their story plays out as Bran, the reapers enemy, decides to kidnap Neve's family.  And the story is on.

I do wish we had seen the part of the story where they fell in love.  It's in the past and the story is just about how Talin tries to deal with it.  One of the best parts of a romance is watching them fall in love.  I missed that in this one. 

I don't enjoy this series as much as I do the Dark Kings.  This is book three and it already feels like the whole Bran as an enemy is being dragged out too much.  From the looks of the series, that doesn't seem to be resolved till book 7.  Kind of makes you wonder just how amazing these reapers are that it takes so long to deal with this issue.  

I did enjoy that it wasn't another carbon copy of books 1 and 2.  Both of those books involved a half Fae.  Neve is light Fae.  It does make things harder since the rules about her knowing about the reapers prevents Talin from telling her who he is.  It makes for a change, though, I will admit to guessing how things would end. 

These books are novella length and just don't have the same depth as the Dark Kings.  I really wish they were novel length and had more details, more story.  It would make the fact that the same issue never getting resolved less annoying. 

Of course, I will continue to read.  They are fast reads and have lots of cross over to the Dark Kings.  Rhi is in this one and even the Kings make an appearance.  But the author has said that these books will begin to connect more and more with the Dark Kings books.  I need all the information, so I read on.

I wouldn't read these books stand alone.  I do think the author attempts to make things clear in each book, but it would be very confusing to read one without having read something about this world. 

I enjoy the story but it's not really as good as it could be.


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  1. I'm sorry the book wasn't as great as it could be. I hate it when that happens. I can understand the urge to continue on reading, though, just to see how everything connects. Thanks for your honest review!
    Krystianna @ Wanderlust Adventurist and Downright Dystopian