Monday, May 13, 2019

Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant ~ Review

There is no escaping a Reaper. I am an elite assassin, part of a brotherhood that only answers to Death. And when Death says your time is up, I am coming for you…

I answer to no one but Death. I am impenetrable, impervious, immortal. I exist to do Death’s bidding and no one–not Reaper nor human nor Fae–can stand in my way. Except for the bewitching half-Fae, Catriona. She swears the magic in her family passed her by, but I know better. This woman is strong. This woman is powerful. And when her abilities surge forth, no one will be able to stop the Dark Fae from coming for her. Except for me. I want to keep her close. I want to keep her safe. I want lose myself to her, again and again…

Of all the books I've read in this series, I enjoyed this one the most.  

Finton is the least likely of the reapers to fall in love.  He's suppressed his feeling over the years and they are well hidden.  As a result, it takes a bit for them to reappear.  That meant the instalove feel is missing from this one.  The previous books had a lot of instalove in them.  Some better done than others.  Finton resists, a lot.

The plot felt stronger too.  The series plot is richer and brings in the Dragon Kings.  It could be that this book 4 and things are finally feeling developed at a series level.  But there was a lot more going on than the relationship between the reaper and the half Fae.  Though it's still novella length, it's much more a complete story.

I love this world and enjoy all the little bits of information that contribute to the Dark Kings series.  It's a rich world that includes a lot of magic and interest.  A great place for many books to bloom and grow.  It's intriguing that even Death is at risk in this series.

Reapers make interesting characters.  I love that they are a family that supports and cares for each other.  They are all different and have depth.  I was surprised that there are dark Fae among them.  Finton is a dark Fae.  I've never considered a dark as a good person but Finton is one.  I like that the author shows those from "the wrong side" are of worth.

Of course, I'll keep reading this series.  I really want Bran to get his.  And I want every little bit of information about the world I can get.


A great paranormal read, the best of this series in an amazing world. 

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