Saturday, May 25, 2019

Lost & Found by Serena Lindahl ~ Review

Lost & Found: Contemporary Reverse HaremSource: KindleUnlimited.

Lost & Found by Serena Lindahl

As kids, they were inseparable. When tragedy struck and circumstances pulled them apart, Senya lost everyone who ever cared about her.

A group project brings the four guys and Senya together one last time, but it's clear they're not kids anymore...and it changes everything. Can she forgive them? Can they find what they've lost? When tragedy strikes again, will it ruin everything?

This is a full-length, standalone, young adult / new adult, reverse harem, contemporary story about love lost and found. Mature language, subject matter, and scenes. Trigger warning - one scene involving domestic violence, talks about past abuse.

I have a lot of threads saved on Facebook of people asking for very specific recs. Since I'm a mood reader, I like having them on hand to pull up and browse through when I was a book that's like X or Y or Z. In this case, I found Lost & Found on a thread for reverse harems that are wholly devoted to their girl. And thank goodness I found it because this one really did hit the spot.

One of the best things about this book is that it is a YA contemporary RH that does not have a bully theme. Not that there's anything wrong with those (I actually have one near the top of my TBR) but it's REALLY tough to find a YA contemp RH minus the bully element right now. Which makes it difficult to fulfill my very specific mood. But it needs to be said again--this is truly a book that was just what I wanted and needed and it was so good.

The characters were really well developed. I think it helped a lot that the book was written in multiple POVs so we got a view of each of the characters both from the inside and the outside. It also made their connections as friends and more that much deeper because we really got to see how much they all care--and DID care even when they had their issues. I loved how intertwined they were, and their big complex relationship.

As for the plot, I will say that it was just okay. It wasn't anything WOW. But it was the kind of okay that I was here for. Even though it wasn't groundbreaking, I was super here for it every step of the way. Partly because the characters were written so well, and partly because I just enjoy this type of book.

Overall, Lost & Found was a YA contemporary RH that really hit the spot. I had a great time reading it and it was exactly what I was in the mood for. I'll definitely be checking out more by this author.

4 stars - A YA contemporary RH that I was super into!

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