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Melt for You (Slow Burn #2) by JT Geissinger ~ Review

Melt for You (Slow Burn, #2)Source: KindleUnlimited.

Melt for You (Slow Burn #2) by JT Geissinger

A wallflower gets seduction tips from a playboy athlete—until love changes the rules.

Socially awkward Joellen Bixby has a date every Saturday—with her cat, a pint of ice cream, and fantasies of the way-too-handsome Michael Maddox. She’d give anything to win over the unattainable CEO of her firm, but how can she when she blends in so well with her cubicle? The answer may be closer than she thinks.

Cameron McGregor is a cocky, tattooed Scottish rugby captain who just moved in next door. He’s not Jo’s type—at all—but the notorious playboy is offering to teach the wallflower everything he knows about inspiring desire. Though a lot of women have rumpled Cam’s kilt, Jo is special. Far from the ugly duckling she thinks she is, in Cam’s eyes she’s sharp, funny, and effortlessly sexy. Now, thanks to him, Jo is blooming with confidence and has the man of her dreams within reach.

Unfortunately for Cam, he’s just helped to push the woman of his dreams into the arms of another man—and now he’s in the fight of his life to keep this beauty from getting away.

I was super excited for this book when I picked it up. I'd just read and really liked book 1, and I knew that this one has the friends to lovers trope--aka one of my absolute favorite tropes. So I dove right into this one was good. Not as great as I'd hoped for, but I liked it.

Let me start by breaking down what I liked: 

First, there were the characters. They were both pretty interesting. Joellen was nice and down to earth, and she had so many insecurities. I was intrigued seeing those unravel and what exactly were the reasons behind them. Cameron, on the other hand, is very arrogant and sure of himself, but he was also so sweet. I loved how the more Joellen got to know him, the more we saw behind the perfect image we were given of him to the point where he was just a person who had his own struggles.

Second, their relationship. They start as neighbors at odds. He's noisy, she confronts him about it. Then they end up friends, with him coming over so she can cook him meals and he helps her try to win over the boss she's had a crush on for forever. In this time, Cameron is so supportive and I loved it. So much sweetness. It was easy to see that he was falling for her. Joellen was too, though she was much more oblivious to her feelings for a while. But as a whole, I loved their relationship progression.

Third, I flew through this book. Like, I read it in less than a day easily. It didn't drag and there weren't any parts in particular that made me want to put the book down or where I even considered setting it aside to choose something else. I was suitably entertained from cover to cover.

Buuuut now it's time for the aspects I did not like:

First, I feel like this book was very surface level. It could have gone so much DEEPER so I could have been more connected. There were so many parts that, while adequately portrayed in the book, could have been delved into even more so as to make the story richer. While I liked the story, I think if I were more invested I could have loved it.

Second, I wish the whole thing hadn't been in Joellen's POV. This is a small gripe because it is very attached to my own personal preference, but especially after book 1 was dual POV I was wanting for this one to get into Cameron's head too.

Third, I wasn't a fan of the epilogue. It just didn't hit the spot the way I prefer for epilogues. A good chunk of it was Joellen on the phone for work--something I literally did not care about. So yeah, just not a fan of the ending.

Overall, Melt for You was a romance with many sweet moments that I did enjoy reading though I feel like the novel as a whole could have been better. However, as with book 1, if you're looking for a quick, sweet read this one is definitely one to try. ALSO, if you're curious, you don't have to read book 1 to read this one. Melt for You 100% stands alone.

3.5 stars - A very sweet romance!

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