Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cuffed by K. Bromberg ~ Review

From the New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, comes a new standalone that proves true love will always stand the test of time.
“I hate you. I never want to see you again.”

Grant Malone is not the reason I moved back to Sunnyville—at least that’s what I tell myself. Yet, those parting words I said to him back in third grade, ring in my ears every time a townsperson brings up one of the Malone boys. I thought time had healed my wounds. I was wrong. Nothing could have prepared me for how I felt when I finally saw him again.

Twenty years does a lot to turn a boy into a man. One who hits all my buttons—sexy, funny, attractive, and a police officer. But Grant is off limits because he knows too much about my past.

But I’m drawn to him. That damn uniform of his doesn’t hurt either. It’ll be my downfall. I know it.

What’s one night of sex going to hurt . . . right?


I’ve always loved Emmy Reeves.
That’s why I’m shocked to see her all these years later. The shy girl I once knew is all grown up.

Adventurous and full of life, she owns my heart now, just as much as she did back then. Convincing her of that is a whole different story.

I’ll give her the one night she asks for—like that’s a hardship—but when it comes to letting her walk away after, she has another thing coming. There’s no way in hell I’m letting her go this time without a fight.


It's a shock when Emerson sees Grant again on the 4th of July.  She doesn't trust him.  She never wanted to see him again.  All because of a pinky promise he broke when they were 8.

Em has shut herself off from her past but Grant has never forgot.  When he sees her again, he's not letting her get away this time.  

I really enjoyed this story.  I'm excited for the rest of the Malone brothers to get their stories.  They were raised as the sons of a cop and it shows.  The other three love to give Grant a hard time about everything.  And they're there to help even if that help is forcing him to talk when he's drunk and just wants them to leave.  It's a great family and a great place for some campaign novels to come to life.

As for Grant and Emerson's story?  They have to over come some issues.  The chemistry is definitely there.  I loved how the romance played out.  It's starts as just that chemistry and builds into a friendship and trust.  And I loved the sparkle scene.  Nope, not telling.  Read if for yourself.  

This author always does a good job and creating something real for her characters.  Things aren't always perfect and mistakes are made.  But they are real people to me.  Not flat characters on a page.  I learn to care for them and cheer for them.  This book is no exception.  

The angst in this story brings things to a dropping stop.  Yeah, I was afraid of it but I'd forgotten, all caught up in their story.  I so wanted to shake them and tell them to talk to each other and to listen.  Luckily it didn't last too long and I was intrigued by how it was resolved.  Because that part is always important to me.  I'm a very character driven reader.  So I need for that resolution to be genuine.  And this one was.

Lots of really difficult topics in this one, emotions and pain.  That pinky promise that was broken was for the best, truly.  And the scars that people carry throughout their lives?  It's amazing how much they effect them.  This story helped me see that a lot.  I love when I find meaning and truth among a great story.

Lest you are worried, there is lots of hot and yummy in this book as well.  They are right together and it shows.  


Loved it.  Can't wait to read book two.  Have you read this series yet?  Dig in because it's some of the good stuff.

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  1. I know so many people love this author and I do really like the sound of this one! Great review!