Monday, July 9, 2018

Wild Cat by Jennifer Ashley ~ Review

Heartbroken from the death of her mate three years ago, Shifter Cassidy Warden is tracking down his mysterious killer-one who could bring danger to all Shifters. But Detective Diego Escobar rekindles the flames of her mating desire. And once the fires begin, nothing and no one can put them out...

Oh, I so loved the beginning of this book.  It sucked me right into another Unbound book.

Up to this point in the series, all the shifters have been male and the humans have been woman.  And the stories have taken place in Austin TX.  This one reverses the gender roles and moves the location to Las Vegas.  Let the fun begin.

So Diego is a cop, a cop that has developed a fear of heights.  Well being hung upside down many floors off the ground by bad guys will do that to you.  But he has to fight that fear when he chases an intruder into the floors of an unfinished building.  The problem is that the shifter that's up there isn't the threat.  No.  There's a crazy guy up there with a tranquilizer gun.  When he gets himself stuck and Cassidy saves him, things get interesting.  Well especially after he arrests her. Hehe.

Cassidy is a snow leopard.  She lost her mate a few years ago and hasn't gotten over it.  She just wants to morn her mate as she visits the site of where he died.  Now she's stuck helping Diego with his case.  Or she could have stayed in jail.  Yeah, not a great choice.  But things do get interesting as they work together. 

I really enjoyed the new city for this book.  We meet the leadership of a new shifter town and lots of new characters.  And one of those characters is after Cassidy.  Interesting.

Shifters are protective but so are cops.  So Diego does a good job of taking that job in this story.  He's responsible and determined to do his job.  Definitely has the alpha thing down.  He wants to find out who was after Cassidy and why.  But he's not interested in mistreating a shifter like the shifter division likes to do.  Oh, and did I mention he's a great cook?  Yep he is.

This is another great paranormal read.  Lots of hot sexy scenes in this one.  Cassidy needs touch and Diego will do.  Yeah, that's how it starts.  Lots of denial as these two figure out what they are to each other.  I loved that this is a second mate for Cassidy.  I like that it can happen more than one.  

If you love paranormal romance then make sure you check out Cassidy and Diego's story.



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