Friday, July 13, 2018

Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley ~ Review

A short novel of the Shifters Unbound series. Spike, a wildcat Shifter and the champion fighter of Shiftertown, is stunned when Myka, the best friend of a dying human woman, announces that Spike has fathered a cub. What's more, the mother is giving the boy to Spike to protect and raise.

Myka, who'd been raised by an abusive stepfather, is not sure that a wild fighter named Spike is the best man to bring up the cute little jaguar cub. She goes to Shiftertown to check out Spike, and finds that the man behind the name is a lonely Shifter who's lost most of his family and is a fierce caretaker to those he has left.

Spike is torn between the cub and his duties as tracker to the Shiftertown leader, and begs Myka, the only person who understands, to help him. He starts to like the sassy Myka, a horse trainer who's not afraid of working with animals, even if they're wildcats who turn into humans.

When Spike's job puts his cub and Myka in danger, Spike is forced to choose between those to whom he's pledged his loyalty and his need to protect the woman and cub he's come to love.

Jumped right into another Unbound shifter book.  They're hard to ignore once you have one, you just can't resist.

Spike is a tracker.  The muscle for Liam Morrissey, leader of shifter town.  But he's so much more.  Most people don't see that.  Myka didn't at first.  She grew up with an abusive step-father and she's willing to fight Spike hard on him raising the cub he just found out about but then she really gets to know Spike, Aaron.  He's not what she thought at all.  She's more like her than she thought a shifter could be.  One she's drawn to quickly.  Both Spike and Myka are drawn to each other but does she understand what that means?  Nope.  She doesn't but she learns as the world falls apart around them.

This story is fast and satisfying.  After learning he has a cub, Spike and Myka are thrown into a war of dominance that has them scrambling to keep Jordan safe.  Lines are drawn and loyalty questioned as they two fall for each other.  I enjoyed every moment of it.

I continue to love this world and the characters that make it up.  I cheer for them and sign with happiness when things go their way.  It's a great shifter story to go with a great shifter series.

If you love shifter stories, you should definitely get into this world.  I think you could read this one stand alone but it would certainly be more enjoyable after the first books.


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