Monday, July 30, 2018

The House of Fire: Guardians of the Elements by M. Goldsmith & A. Malin ~ Spotlight & Excerpt

Powered by Fire

Consumed by Passion

Taken by Evil

Ashlyn Woods, Fire Guardian of Aether, never imagined she would be kidnapped by a doctor driven by obsession and greed. His nefarious plan includes harnessing Ashlyn’s powers for profit and revenge.

Consumed by unimaginable forces that draws him to her, it falls upon Hawk, the Protector, to rescue the tempestuous Fire Guardian. Their unrequited passion and an inexplicable magnetic pull wax and wane between the two.

Ashlyn and Hawk, together, uncover a shared telepathic link they must tap into in order to bring her home safely. Soon they discover, by opening their hearts, the connection between them goes deeper than either of them ever imagined.

Ash curled herself into a tight ball on the bed and wrapped up in the scratchy blanket. If I ever get out of this place, I’m going to proposition Hawk and tell him once and for all how I feel about him. I’m going to tell him, I think about him night and day. How I long for him to hold me in his arms and to kiss me senseless. Now if only he could find me. Still feeling weak from the drugs, weariness overtook her, and she slept focusing her thoughts on Hawk.

Even in her sleep, Ashlyn could sense the air around her humming with energy. Her mind was consumed with Hawk, and she unwittingly connected to him. Reaching deep, her concentration intense, she begged him to help her. A feeling of warmth filled her, and her nose twitched when she caught a whiff of Hawk’s woodsy, masculine scent. Without warning the door to their link was suddenly slammed shut, and Hawk was forcibly ripped from her mind. Waking with a start, Ashlyn bolted upright.

“Dear Goddess, I actually felt him!” she exclaimed, in shock. “But how?”

Ash sensed the loss immediately. There had always been a connection with Hawk, but this was something altogether different, something stronger, something, much more. Hope flickered inside her. Now, if only she could do it again.

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