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Hello? by Liza Wiemer ~ Tour Stop, Giveaway, & Top 10

About HELLO?
One HELLO? can change a life. One HELLO? can save a life.

Tricia: A girl struggling to find her way after her beloved grandma's death.
Emerson: A guy who lives his life to fulfill promises, real and hypothetical.
Angie: A girl with secrets she can only express through poetry.
Brenda: An actress and screenplay writer afraid to confront her past.
Brian: A potter who sets aside his life for Tricia, to the detriment of both.

Linked and transformed by one phone call, Hello? weaves together these five Wisconsin teens' stories into a compelling narrative of friendship and family, loss and love, heartbreak and healing, serendipity, and ultimately hope.

Told from all five viewpoints: narration (Tricia), narration (Emerson), free verse poetry (Angie), screenplay format (Brenda), narration and drawings (Brian).

About Liza Wiemer:
I am the author of two non-fiction adult books, short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles. A pre-school to high school educator now writing YA fiction full time, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And I'm a diehard Green Bay Packers fan.

For my author posts on writing and my upcoming YA novel HELLO?:
Unique "job" experiences: I spent a summer selling popcorn in a Koepsell's popcorn wagon while listening to awesome music on the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. I also know my way around a fender and a quarter panel and under the hood of a car. I spent a few years driving to accident scenes, scrapyards, hospitals, auto repair shops as a claims adjuster for an insurance company. 

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Stuck In Books – Top 10...

Top 10 meetings (or hellos) through history or fiction.
(For example, the meeting of Harry and Ron in the Harry Potter books would be one for fiction)

By Liza Wiener

This is such an awesome idea for a blog post! Thanks for suggesting it.

My Top Ten Meetings (or Hellos) – no particular order!

1. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice – just thinking about that heated look gives me the tingles!

2. Maya Angelou and Oprah—to see these two inspiring women together gave me the chills.

3. Victoria Schwab meets Neil Gaiman at World Fantasy Con—Twitter stepped up for Victoria and tweeted Neil, telling him she wanted to meet him so badly and this HAD TO HAPPEN. Finally, Victoria met Neil at his 2nd book signing on Sunday. He stood up and gave her a hug!

4. Karou and Akiva in Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, the first time Akiva sees Karou in Marrakesh. Swoon!

5. Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster in The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, meeting in the “heart of Jesus” during a support group for teens with cancer. Unforgettable.

6. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin – the Peace Accords. Riveting. Groundbreaking.

7. Jacqueline Wallace and Lucas/Landon Maxfield in Easy by Tammara Webber—he saved her!! Swoon.

8. Roarke and Eve in J.D. Robb’s In Death Series—hands down, my most favorite adult novel couple ever! They met at a funeral. He was a murder suspect, she was the investigating NYPD lieutenant .There are 42 books so far in this series and I’ve read everyone. Plus novellas!

9. Lois Lane and Clark Kent—remember that awkward introduction at the Daily Planet?

10. Okay, I just had to add a personal one: When I met Gayle Forman for the first time at the 2011 Teen Author Carnival in NYC. I totally fangirled. My hands were shaking. She was so incredibly nice. Her mom asked me what I loved best about If I Stay, and I RAVED, opened the novel and started reading a few favorite passages. I’m said something like, “Your daughter is brilliant! Listen to the cadence!” Yeah, I was quite enthusiastic, to say the least. J Her mom smiled and gave me a hug.

And just one more...

“You had me at HELLO.” From the movie “Jerry Maguire”

Jerry: Hello? Hello.

I'm lookin' for my wife.

Wait. Okay...okay...okay.

If this is where it has to happen, then this is where it has to happen.

I'm not letting you get rid of me. How about that?

This used to be my specialty. You know, I was good in a living room. They'd send me in there, and I'd do it alone. And now I just...

But tonight, our little project, our company had a very big night -- a very, very big night.

But it wasn't complete, wasn't nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete, because I couldn't share it with you. I couldn't hear your voice or laugh about it with you. I miss my -- I miss my wife.

We live in a cynical world, a cynical world, and we work in a business of tough competitors.

I love you. You -- complete me.

And I just had --

Dorothy: Shut up. Just shut up.

You had me at hello.

You had me at hello.


$25 Amazon Gift Card (Int) and 3 annotated copies of HELLO?

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