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The Reality O by Candy Sloane ~ Review

The Reality OSource: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Reality O by Candy Sloane

Fifteen Contestants, Twelve Episodes & One Very Big O

When my best friend Allie posted about my need for an inaugural O on a prominent dating website it was meant to be a joke.
A joke she was supposed to delete.
But her post started an internet and media frenzy and, when I was offered fifty thousand dollars to star in my own reality competition show, I had no choice but to say yes.
The Orgasm Virgin was supposed to help me meet a carnal companion who could finally bring me to climax.
Unfortunately, the one person I want to win the undying allegiance of my, well, you know, can’t be in the running at all.
Now in an L.A. mansion with fifteen very persuasive contestants vying for my attention and one undeniably sexy Production Assistant secretly getting it all the word ACTION has a whole new meaning…

Candy Sloane is an erotica author and the fictional creation of Lisa Burstein from the New Adult novel Sneaking Candy. The Orgasm Virgin is her debut novel.

Author's Note: This book is about sex. There are men kissing women, women kissing women, and men kissing lady parts. It is not meant for readers under eighteen, or my mother.


I'm a sucker for books about reality TV. Which is funny because I'm not a huge watcher of reality television--not to say I don't watch it ever, but I definitely don't find it as addicting as a book with the premise. So I wanted to get my hands on this book so badly. And then magic happened and I DID. I spent about two days with this book, and I have to say that those were two darn good days. I really enjoyed The Reality O.

I think the greatest way to enjoy this book is to go in expecting fun. Fun and laughs and sexy times. If you go in with those expectations, you'll do just fine--because The Reality O delivers. 

So the MC of this story is Chris. She's a librarian, can be kinda shy, and is doing the best she can with the situation her best friend put her in--you know, by sharing with the entire internet her sexual misfortune. Honestly, Chris takes the whole thing a million times better than I would have. No way would I still be cool enough with my BFF to bring her along with me to Hollywood. But Chris is, essentially, a good person. And she had this fun little attitude that I found so enjoyable in her narrative.

The love interest is, of course, forbidden. His name is Scott and the author of this book has said she pictures him as Chris Hemsworth, so I pretty much die every time I imagine this guy. He. Is. Amazing. Sweet, Kind, and oh so hot. Perfection--you know, except for the fact that he's a production assistant on the show, therefore off limits. But who cares? I heart him to infinity and beyond anyway.

The "Gasms" (what the contestants on Chris' show are called) were great. I liked some more than others, and there were even a couple I'd stretch to say I loved. MD was totally my favorite. And I ended up a fan of Cowboy, even though he did have a little...ahem...incident. As far as the Gasms went, I thought it was nice how they did get developed at least a little bit into actual characters instead of just...placeholders. They were fun, and they could be so interesting when they had their chance. 

Romance and comedy make this story. Dear goodness, the romance was scorching. If you're here for a naughty good time--let me tell you, you are sure gonna get it. And I got so many laughs. The Gasms were a huge source of amusement, as was just being in Chris' head. This book was an enjoyable experience all around.

Overall, The Reality O is the perfect book for when you need a laugh and want to turn up the heat. Funny, sexy, and often quite witty, Candy Sloane has written a story that I definitely loved! 

5 stars - A fun, sexy story that's perfect to read when you need a laugh. I loved it! 

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