Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Covenant Series Readathon ~ Day Six

Welcome to Day Six!

Hope you were able to join us for the Twitter party last night with Val & Jess. Jennifer won induction into the Order!

In an effort to reach out INT friends, the Sunday Twitter meet-up has been moved to 2PM EST.

Today is also catch-up day!

**Reading Schedule**

In order to guide discussions, we have an outline for the days each book is planned to be read. We understand that people are busy and may not be able to keep up. We have designated catch-up days to help make things more manageable, and there is no penalty if you read out of order or skip one or end up not being able to read everything. The whole point of this readathon is to have fun with one of our favorite series. Don't stress! It's all good. Just know that on the day of each book, the discussions will be based around that day's book/s. 

Monday, February 9th: DAIMON & HALF-BLOOD
Tuesday, February 10th: PURE
Wednesday, February 11th: DEITY & ELIXIR
Thursday, February 12th: APOLLYON
Friday, February 13th: Catch-up
Saturday, February 14th: Catch-up
Sunday, February 15th: SENTINEL
Monday, February 16th: Wrap-Up & THE RETURN


At any time throughout the readathon, you can post into the Facebook group or tweet with the hashtag on Twitter with updates, comments, and quotes. Val and I will be going through both as much as we can throughout the days to check it out and chat. 

Each day, there will be a specified meet-up time on either Twitter or Facebook where we'll post discussion questions about each book and talk about everyone's progress for the day. 

Monday, February 9th: 8 PM EST on Twitter with Val
Tuesday, February 10th: 7 PM EST on Facebook with Jess
Wednesday, February 11th: 7 PM EST on Twitter with Jess
Thursday, February 12th: 10 PM EST on Facebook with Val
Friday, February 13th: 8 PM EST on Twitter with Jess & Val
Saturday, February 14th: 5 PM EST on Facebook with Jess Cancelled because it's Valentine's Day
Sunday, February 15th: Changed to 2PM EST on Twitter with Val
Monday, February 16th: 7 PM EST on Facebook with Val & Jess

The Facebook meet-ups will be in the Covenant Readathon Facebook group, which you can join HERE.

The Twitter meet-ups will use the hashtag #CovenantReadathon.

And remember, you can post in both the FB group and on Twitter (with #CovenantReadathon) at any time with updates and whatnot.


A special thank you to everyone who donated!

Here is what has been donated:

For Flash Giveaways at one of the meet-ups

The Return (Donated by SHP) US
Obsidian - Signed by Jen & Pepe (Donated by Val) INT won by Kelly at FB party 2/10
ARC White Hot Kiss - Signed (Donated by Val) INT won by Paige in the flash giveaway 2/11
ARC Stone Cold Touch - Signed (Donated by Val) INT

 As part of the Rafflecopter Giveaway

Paperback of The Return to anywhere The Book Depository ships (Donated by Nicole at Books and Starlight)
Origin - Signed & can be personalized if willing to wait till after Apollycon (Donated by Kelly @ Book Crushin) US
Signed copy of Origin (Donated by Kayla) US
eBook copy of any of the books in the Covenant series (Donated by One Guy's Guide to Good Reads)
$20 GC from Amazon (Donated by Semoy)
$15 book of choice from BD/Amazon depending on winners location (Donated by Nicole)
Covenant Swag Pack as show (Donated by Christine @ I Heart Big Books) INT

Covenant Book and Return Book Charms (Donated by Paige Pickering) US

How will the giveaways work?  

The copy of The Return will be a flash giveaway at one of the meet-ups!
The three books that Val is giving away will be flash giveaways at one of the meet-ups!

There will also be flash giveaways for items from this box...

The rest will be awarded with the Rafflecopter below.
The first winner chose will have the first pick off the prize pile.
Then the next winner will choose and so forth until all the prizes are claimed.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I'm in the middle of reading Apollyon.

  2. I'm finishing Apollyon ready to start a certain final book ;)

  3. Apollyon done!!! Sooo excited to start Sentinel. Haven't actually read that one yet XD