Friday, February 6, 2015

Open Sign-ups for Lucky IS Reading Giveaway Hop

The theme to this hop is lucky.  Books you are lucky (glad) you read.  Books that lead you a great author or series.  Books about luck.  Anything that has to do with lucky.

Giveaway Hop Guidelines for ALL hops hosted by StuckInBooks
  • Must follow the theme of the hop 
  • Multiple books and giveaways allowed Gift cards allowed 
  • MUST NOT require a purchase to win 
  • Must be an actual giveaway and not just a way to promote technique (an example: Naming a character in a book after the winner) 
  • Must be unique to the hop 
  • You are responsible for finding the giveaway and getting it to the winner 
  • MUST include the Hop banner 
  • MUST include the linky or a link to StuckInBooks post 
  • Total of 8 entries allowed with up to 1 required 
  • Posts not up by 12AM EST the morning of the HOP are subject to being deleted from the linky 
  • Posting early is encouraged If you do post early, send the host your link 
  • Add your shipping restrictions to the end of you name in the linky 

If you are interested, sign-up in the linky below.


  1. Forgot to add that mine will be (US) only! [ Dee's Reads ]

  2. Hi Valerie, I forgot to enter (INT) next to my name. I'm number 50 :) Thank you

  3. Sorry I forgot to INTL beside mine. No. 58. My first time joining in a hop! Thanks.

  4. Sorry I forgot to put INTL next to mine! #62. Thank you!

  5. Forgot to put US next to mine, so I just redid it. Thanks!

  6. I need to change mine to US/CAN if possible please. #70 - also, #69 is me as well, you can delete that. Sorry!