Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Teaser Tuesday ~ 11/25/14

This is a weekly bookish meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading.

To participate you:
* Grab your current read
* Open to a random page
* Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
(Make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
* Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

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Anomaly Schrodinger's Consortium, #1) by Tonya Kuper

Reality is only an illusion.
Except for those who can control it…

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

My first boyfriend dumped me—happy birthday, Josie!—my dad is who knows where, I have some weird virus that makes me want to hurl, and now my ex is licking another girl’s tonsils. Oh, and I’m officially the same age as my brother was when he died. Yeah, today is about as fun-filled as the swamps of Dagobah. But then weird things start happening…

Like I make something materialize just by thinking about it.

When hottily-hot badass Reid Wentworth shows up on a motorcycle, everything changes. Like, everything. Who I am. My family. What really happened to my brother. Existence. I am Oculi, and I have the ability to change reality with my thoughts. Now Reid, in all his hotness, is charged with guiding and protecting me as I begin learning how to bend reality. And he’s the only thing standing between me and the secret organization that wants me dead…


"That's what we're doing." I said.  "We're observing the possible into actual.  We're observing our own reality.  We're ultimate observers, Pushing and Retracting reality.  We're Oculi." (Kindle location 573)

I like the voice of Josie.  She reminds me of some other strong female main characters that I have loved in the past.  How does Reid describe her?  This is how...

She reminded me of Tinker Bell--sassy and cute until you pissed her off. (Kindle location 588)

Oh and she deals like I do!

"I threw myself into movies and books even more than I had before Nick died.  I find comfort in fiction--it's safe.  I can lose myself and find myself in books.  It's a little ironic, actually, because now I just want to know reality."  (Kindle location 2200)

And Reid?  Oh, I love him.

"About Mom?  Eventually, but not yet.  Thank you.  Will...will you hold me again?"  I smiled.  "As long as you want me to."  Josie's head rested on my chest, and I wrapped my arms around her.  (Kindle location 2827)

Accidentally Married to...a Vampire? (Accidentally Yours, #2)Accidentally Married to...a Vampire? (Accidentally Yours #2) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

THE DETERMINED VAMPIRE: Niccolo DiConti has faithfully served as leader of Her Majesty’s army for over a millennium, but he’d rather sunbathe in the Sahara than spend another grueling day under his demented queen’s command. However, no one has ever left her side and lived to tell. So when a powerful goddess prophesies he will meet his salvation—a human woman he must turn into a vampire with her consent—he eagerly rises to the challenge. After all, how hard could it be to seduce a human female into taking the immortal plunge? Harder than he thinks. Because his mate won’t be born for another three centuries, and when he wakes up in the goddess’ tomb, not only is his life a mess, but his destined female isn’t about to settle for a coldhearted vampire. Can he win her over before it’s too late? Not if his enemies have anything to do with it.

AN UNWILLING BRIDE: On the night Helena Strauss meets the fierce, devastatingly handsome vampire who saves her life in the jungles of Mexico, she knows her world will be forever changed. Because an attraction this mind blowing only comes along once in a lifetime—or existence. And when he claims she is his one true mate, destined to be his for all eternity, it’s a fairytale come true. So what if her knight in shining armor is a vampire? Nobody’s perfect. But discovering the powerful, overbearing immortal doesn’t “do love”? Deal breaker. Helena will flee and set out to accomplish the impossible…sever the otherworldly bond between them. And it turns out, Helena is just the leverage Niccolo’s enemies need to break the mighty warrior and wipe out his people.


Dear Mortal Female, 
Are you one of those unlucky women whose life has been bamboozled by a deceivingly hunky vampire? Are you looking for a way to fix that train wreck you now call your life? 
If so, then I will savor your agony because everyone knows that playing smoochie fang with a vampire isn't wise.

I LOVE this series. The humor is seriously perfect and just what I need right now. I'm so excited to read this one! *happy dance*

What do you think?  Have a teaser for us?  Leave us a comment.


  1. Some interesting teasers there. Both books are new to me so I'm going to go and check them out.

    My Tease @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  2. Ohhh love these teases! The tinkerbelle one is awesome.

  3. Haha Jessica! That book sounds like it has a fair bit of humour! Thanks for sharing ladies!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace