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Cowboys for Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law & Terri Osburn ~ Review

Source:  Received eBook copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

3 cowboys…2 weeks…1 wedding!

Three all-new stories by Kim Law, Terri Osburn, and Liz Talley

Claire, Georgia, and Mary Catherine couldn’t be more different, but they promised they would be there for one another no matter what. And when they all gather in Holly Hills, Texas, for Mary Catherine’s Christmas wedding, they’ll find they have one thing in common: hearts that are about to be branded—by unforgettable cowboys.

In “Love Me, Cowboy” by Terri Osburn, wallflower Claire would be more excited about the wedding if it didn’t mean running into Mary Catherine’s brother—the bull rider she once had a scorching one-night stand with…

Ivy League volleyball coach Georgia never wanted to see Holly Hills—or another cowboy—again. But a sexy veterinarian is making her rethink her vow to never marry a Texas man in “Kiss Me, Cowboy” by Liz Talley.

Claire and Georgia both think that Mary Catherine is getting hitched to the wrong man, despite how perfect he is. And in “Marry Me, Cowboy” by Kim Law, a local rancher with a wild reputation gives Mary Catherine a glimpse of what might have been—and what could still be...


So I love these types of stories.  Three different stories from three different authors all woven together to make one.  I love how they can give you bits and pieces of what's going on in the other story but then you read that one and find out more.  This one is three novellas all in one book with the same group of friends all experiencing these two books with just a little bit different emphasis.

Love Me, Cowboy by Terri Osburn is up first.  I love both characters in this one.  Claire is a grade school teacher and not what her mother wants at all.  In the small town of Holly Hills, it 's just not okay for a Campbell and a Holly to be together.  And Claire's mom wants her married to the "right" kind of guy.  But Claire is about at her limit for putting up with her mom and what she wants.  Claire has lost some weight but still isn't seeing the real her when she looks in the mirror.  Tyler has always found her beautiful and is just the guy to help her see the same.  He just wishes she hadn't left him that night he can't forget.  These two together make a fun holiday read that was just about perfect.  The story mixed body image issues with second chances at love to make a satisfying story I didn't put down.

Then comes Kiss Me, Cowboy by Liz Talley.   It's my favorite of the three because these two felt so real to me.  Georgia grew-up poor but strong.  Determined to leave this Texas town and make it somewhere else, she is not falling for a cowboy.  Course Reed isn't a cowboy so much as a vet, a very sexy vet.  He grew-up rich and out of his element.  Craving the wide open spaces and life of a cowboy, Reed wasn't into southern California.  He knows what he wants and that's his Georgia.  She's feisty and he's a nice guy.  I love their heat together.  The mixing of stories was done so well as this one took us a little bit closer to the wedding.  So much fun.

And finally, Marry Me, Cowboy by Kim Law.  I will admit to being nervous about this one.  After all Mary Cathrine in the bride and Jax is so not the groom.  But I needed have worried.  This isn't a cheating kinda of story at all.  This a second chance kinda story and a best friend who loves her but isn't in love with her.  And I truly love Jax.  He tries to have that bad boy thing going - well some people try to force it on him but he's really the best kinda guy.  And I so loved how these three stories mixed together and added to each other. 

Peeps who love romance will enjoy this one.  And, frankly, the holiday's take a back seat in this one.  So don't let that stop you from reading it.


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