Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sigth by Jennifer E Smith

Source:  Thank you gift from a friend

My summary:

Hadley fantasied about ways to miss her dad's wedding in London., ways that would get her off the hook without having her be at fault.  Being four minutes late for her flight wasn't one of them but that's what happens.  Now she's stuck at JFK airport waiting for the next flight.  She hates the crowds, the mayo on her sandwich, the closed in feeling; she hates flying.  But then the adorable Oliver steps in to help her with her bag and the waits not so bad.  What are the odds that he's on her same flight, sitting in the same row?  He is.  He distracts her from the claustrophobia she feels in the plane and the impending doom of attending the wedding of her father and a women she has never met.  Funny and good looking, Oliver seems interested in Hadley but sitting next to someone on a plane is not like talking in the real world.  When the flight is over, any friendship developed is over too.  Right?

My thoughts:


5 stars - a must read 

I have so many books to read.  It gets overwhelming sometimes.  There are books I need to read for reviews and books I want to read.  This book is in the want to read category.  When I saw it in December, I wanted it.  I received a gift card as a thank you gift from a friend and pre-ordered this book.  I had it the day of release but it sat with so many other books I want to read.  In the middle of reading three paranormal books, I just needed a break.  I needed normal - not vampires and such.  So on a whim, I picked this one up to just sort of browse.  Well five hours later, I put it down finished.  It drew me in and held me captive.  I love reads like this where I don't have to work to read them, instead they are my escape.

This story takes place over roughly 24 hours.  There is most assuredly a love at first sight story in there but there is so much more.  And that love at first sight isn't this sudden attraction thing that's nauseating.  No it's more like two people trying to cope with personal struggles and they try and help each other.  In the process, something happens between them.  I loved it.  

Since the story develops over a very short period of time, the story moves along quickly.  We learn details of Hadley's life as she remembers things about the past but we have to discover Oliver's story in real time.  There was a nice balance between the memories from Hadley and the present action.  I really liked how we discovered what was up with Oliver.  It wasn't what I expected.  I realized it the same time Hadley did.  I like that.

If you need that break from the complicated and stressful world of paranormal reads and just need a story from the real world, then this is a must read.  If you like contemporary YA, then this is a must read.  If you like YA, then this is a must read.  


  1. I loved this one too! And it was definitely way more than a love at first sight story. I loved the development and how it was beautiful and realistic without being overly eye rolling or fake. It was perfect!

  2. I have this on reserve at the public library and can't WAIT! It looks really good.

  3. This does sound good. I love stories that take place in really brief time frames for some reason - I just like that feeling that one day could change your whole life. Good thing my library has this one!

  4. I have seen so many positive reviews for this book lately. It's on my TBR list and I can't wait to read it.

  5. OMG I absolutely adored this book!! Wonderful review!!

  6. This one sounds great! I bought it on my Nook hoping I could get to it soon. Yours isn't the first positive review I've read but I love the way you talk about the book, Valerie. Really makes me want to make sure that "soon" comes even quicker than I'd planned.