Friday, February 3, 2012

The Secrets of the Keepers Guest Post & GIVEAWAY

StuckInBooks is pleased to have Elizabeth Isaacs, author of the Light of Asteria series here today.  The second book in the series, the Secrets of the Keepers came out in November.  I am currently reading this book and will be reviewing it next week.  Plus, checkout below for a GIVEAWAY for an eBook copy.  Welcome Elizabeth.

Revealing a story ... one cover at a time

“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” My grandmother used to remind me of this all the time, pointing out everyone from the homeless man who took care of strays to the preacher who had an affair. The message was that no matter the outward appearance, it was the character inside that counted. And so I find it appropriate that years later I am using her advice in a literal vein.

My personal preference in book covers has always been something simple and elegant. Something that has meaning and is like a little treat after the last page has been turned. It’s a different mindset from the modern traditional publishing world.

Asteria’s first cover was simple in design. I fell in love with the mist around the moon and the way the amethyst night faded to black. It is symbolic in so many ways, and so it seemed a perfect fit. When I left the original publishing company, I wasn’t allowed to take the cover with me. And so I contacted Neil Noah, an amazing graphic designer, who suggested we go in a different direction. At the time, grunge fonts and body parts were splattered across the YA page, and while I liked that look I knew it wouldn’t work for Nora’s story. We needed something different. After much debate, we decided on a classic black cover with an amulet being the sole focal point.

When The Secret of the Keepers went live a year later, I couldn’t believe the change in cover trends. The biggest publishing companies had distinguished their books with embossed or textured covers, the smaller publishers followed suit with incredible graphics or busy design. I wanted to keep the original idea of a symbolic cover, but I’m also a realist and knew that we needed something that would compete on the shelf. Neil suggested a compromise. We would keep a symbol as the focal point but ramp up the cover’s background. He was absolutely right. The Secret of the Keepers has a cover that is simple, yet complex. The background is just as significant as the focal point and adds depth and interest. While both the cover to Asteria and Keepers are unique, Neil designed the font in a way that gives continuity. People know they are a series when they see them side-by-side on the shelf.

Most authors have little say in what ends up on the front of their work. Marketers and analyst decide what will take center stage, looking for buying trends. Sometimes the cover itself has nothing to do with the storyline. As an indie author, one of my greatest pleasures is that I have the final say in the cover design.

The Heart of the Ancients, Kailmeyra’s Redemption is due out in the spring of 2013, and I am already gathering ideas with every page I write. I know it may seem odd to some, but I love revealing a story, one cover at a time.

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