Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marcus from Because of Low by Abbi Glines + GIVEAWAY

Happy Book Birthday to Because of Low & Abbi Glines! 

I'm so excited to have Marcus from Because of Low here today. 

Welcome, Marcus.  Your eyes are even better in person.  I'm a sucker for green eyes.  You get those from your mom or dad? 

My Mom. Although hers are prettier.

So, I first met you in Breathe.  That was a hard time for you.  How long did it take you to get over Sadie?

After Jax returned and really became a part of Sadie's life, I let go. It's easier to let go of something you never really had. Sure it hurt. But I moved on. She became, just a friend. 

I was so glad we got to see Sadie and Jax in Because of Low, and that you seem to be friends with Jax now.  Think that friendship will continue? 

Now that Jax knows I'm not sniffing around his woman, I think things will be fine. He's really not a bad guy. I mean, Sadie sees something in him worth loving so he can't be all that bad. The only thing I had against him was the fact he got the girl. But now, I'm thankful he did. 

That day you opened the apartment door and saw Low for the first time, what was you first impression?  What really captured your attention? 

She had the biggest green eyes I'd ever seen. And I guess I'm a sucker for a girl in tears. I immediately wanted to fix her problem. I wanted to see her smile. Her lips are just a little on the plump side and they fascinate me. I didn't even know her and all I could think about was making her happy again. 

Now that you know her better, can you describe her in 5 words?


Caleb Lane as Marcus
Describe the perfect day with Low.  Where would you go?  What would you do?

I'd spend the day taking her to every rock concert she's ever wanted to go to  and I'd buy her a t-shirt from each one of them. Read the book and this answer will make more sense. 

You can take Low anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Why? 

She's never been anywhere. Which makes this  a hard question. I want to take her everywhere. I guess to start off I'd take her to Paris. It's somewhere I've never been and I'd like to experience it with Low. 

If you could go back in time, where would you go and what would you do?

I'd go back to the night I went to my Father's new house and I wouldn't make the biggest mistake of my life. Low would never have been hurt. 

One wish, no questions, what would it be?

I could take Low and move away. Just far enough that our families couldn't affect us so much. 

You think you will ever be able to have a positive relationship with your dad again?

I don't know.  Right now, I doubt it. 


First thing you notice about a girl? Her eyes. 
Favorite color? red (Low's red dress and then of course the Crimson Tide) 
Mountains or ocean? Ocean. It's in my blood. 
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla 
Blue eyes or Brown eyes? Green
Blonde or brunette? (better answer this one right) Red! Or more like a rich copper. 
M&M or skittles? Skittles- the red and yellow ones. 

Spoilery questions(highlight to read)

Tell me about how you feel about your new sister?
Larissa is charming. She had me from the moment she scrunched her little nose up and said "skiutles". Nothing is her fault. She's innocent in the mess my Dad created. I love her. Without question. 

Future plans with Low?  Are you two gonna finish college?  Then what?  I know you're gonna marry her.  I have it all planned in my head.  I'm thinking a beach wedding...okay you answer not me. =)

Beach wedding huh? I like that. 
Yes, we are both going to finish college. I don't know where we will end up or what will come next I just know I never intend to let her go again. I'll follow her to the ends of the earth if I have to. Low will never doubt my unconditional love. 

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  20. I am a HUGE fan of Abbi Glines! I just finished The Vincent Boys and I am hopelessly crushing on Beau Vincent! He has been placed on my much coveted Book Boyfriend List!

    The first book I read was Breathe and fell in love with Abbi's writing style immediately. You get sucked in and so invested in the characters really quickly. In Breathe Sadie is such a strong character who is used to taking care of others. And as much as I adored Jax Stone, I ask you how you couldn't fall head over heels for Marcus as well? I simply CAN NOT wait to read Because of Low. This is a great give away and would love the opportunity to win. :-)

    Adrena Lambert

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    He's so caring, you can see he loves Low - from the rock concert T-shirts and wanting to take her everywhere, to how he'll show her she'll never doubt his love for her. What an awesome guy! Congrats Abbi!

    And how cool that they have the same eye color!

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