Thursday, February 2, 2012

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

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My Summary:

Jacinda lives to fly and to make her own choices.  But the pride makes both of those difficult.  Born a draki -a descendant from dragons - Jacinda has an ability that has long been absent from the world.  Her every move is watched and her future mate decided.  Smothered but dealing, she breaks a rule that puts her and the pride at risk.  Running for her life, she unexpectedly is saved by the very one sent to hunt her.  Now she must hide in the mortal world to try and stay safe but the dry heat of Arizona stifles her draki.  Her only hope is Will, the georgous boy that makes her draki come alive as it never has.  But spending time with him risks her safety because Will has a secret too, one that risks not just Jacinda, but her family and the pride.  How can she fight the pull to him that fires her insides and keeps her draki alive?  How can she keep the secrets and protect the ones she loves?

My Thoughts:

5 stars - a must read

Since I listened to this book, let me start with the narrator.  I don't think I have ever listened to Therese Plummer before but she did a fine job with this book.  I wasn't distracted by her voice and I loved her reading Will.  Very delicious.   

The draki world is a totally new world for me.  I love paranormal.  I love my vampires and werewolves but it's so fun to find something different.  Magical abilities that are not available is so many other books.  Sophie does that for me in Firelight.  It was fun to learn about a world where draki live and hide with lots of different lure.  Learning about Pride rules and culture, learning about family life in a pride, learning about alpha's rules that aren't always what the individual wants - it was all so much fun. Really enjoyed the world building.

The characters were fabulous.  It was interesting that Jacinda is a twin and yet her and her sister are so different.  I won't tell you the big difference but I will say that while Jacinda is miserable in the human world, her sister Tamra is happy for the first time in her life.  I keep thinking that the total opposite situation between them will have to be resolved at one point, but I am certainly getting ahead of myself.

Jacinda is a typical teenager in that she wants to make her own choices and doesn't understand why her family won't accept her for what and who she is.  Sounds familiar enough, but the differences to typical outweigh the similarities from there.  Jacinda is struggles to decide what to do to survive as a draki and those decision change by the minute as she tries very hard to stay away from the one person who could both save her and destroy her.  At first, I thought, make up your mind.  But then I realized how much she sounded like the teens I spend so much time with at school.  Her character rings very true.

Cassian is still very much a mystery to me.  We spend so little time with him but his character is so vital to the story.  I'm sure there will be more of him in book two but for now, I'm not on his team.  Sure, he's a hot male draki, strong and gorgeous but right now I'm not sure he's the best choice for Jacinda.

Who is the best choice for her, well I'm committing to Team Will.  He is a mystery that I don't think we know enough about yet, but he loves Jacinda.  He protects her.  He battles for her.  He's kind.  He forgives.  He has these awesome hazel eyes that change from green to brown to gold depending on his mood.  I Just can't resist that.

As for the plot, I was surprised a couple of times.  The story moved quickly and I really didn't want it to end.  I read it in about a day.  As for that ending, I cried.  It was sad.  But it's a book one and I can't expect everything to work out.  It certainly makes me want to read book two.

This is a fabulous read that you really should check out if you are the YA paranormal type, like me.

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  1. I have had this on my kindle forever but now I really feel like getting to it soon. It is nice to have a new type of paranormal and the draki seem really unique.

  2. oh I have had this on my wishlist for SO long! I love the sounds of the twins that's neat and I'm big on characters so this sounds like a book for me!

  3. I have wanted to read this book for a while. It sounds really awesome. I would buy it and tell myself I will read it soon, but it will probably end up sitting with the rest of my books and ebooks lonely and waiting. :(

  4. Great review!! I can't WAIT to read this! I just posted the February challenge linkup so you can link up now :). I met Sophie at ALA and she is soo nice, and after hearing her talk about the series I'm anxious to dive in!
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte - 2012 YA Audiobook Challenge