Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Source: Bought audiobook (approximately 13 hours)

My summary:

Accused of a murder she didn't commit, Rose struggles to deal with being left out of the fight to clear her name and just hang out in a jail cell.  Forced to leave the work to her friends, she looks for a way to contribute.  Given an opportunity to help Lissa, Rose jumps at the change despite the risk to her own life.  But that opportunity has her spending a lot of time with Dimitri, who claims their love has faded.  Can Rose wait patiently for her friends to save her this time, or will she go stir crazy hanging out with the man she still loves?  And who did commit that murder?  Are they willing to kill again?  What about the royal politics that are reeling from the death?  Can Lissa use her influence to help?  How far is Lissa willing to go to help Rose? 

My thoughts:

5 stars - a fabulous finish to a amazing series

The narrator for this audiobook was Emily Shaffer, back from books four and five.  Again, I enjoyed her voices/accents.  She did an amazing job.  I still wasn't a fan of the music that was added but I didn't let it get in the way of enjoying the book.  Really there wasn't a lot but it still seemed strange to me.

What can I say about this book that I haven't said in the previous five reviews for this series?  I love the characters.  Rose is amazingly strong yet she makes mistakes, grows from them, and becomes a better person for it.  Dimitri is back like never before.  I had missed his strong presence that was just not there when he was a strigoi and/or recovering from it.  But he is in full guardian mode in this book.   I loved it.  Adrian was his normal fun boy toy for most of the book but my heart broke for him.  I knew it was coming but I hope there is something better for him in the next series.  He deserves something better than he got.  Christian was a little less snarky in this book, which I missed, but it wasn't needed since his role was different.  He did do a fabulous job of helping the author with some misdirection.  Nice job Christian.  Lissa is Lissa.  I love her.

The story is brilliantly woven with action and passion told from Rose's point of view in her location, in Lissa's mind back at court and in a variety of dreams.  I was surprised how well all the little details from so much of the series just came together to create the perfect ending for a very turbulent series.  As for the murderer?  I didn't see it coming.  High praise from me, really; I am very good at figuring things out ahead of time.  But Richelle does an amazing job of misdirection while leaving the clues like bread crumbs in the pages.  What things I did guess were never done in quite the way I expected either.

This book takes approximately 13 hours to listen to and that's about how much time it took me to get through this book.  Once I started it, I couldn't stop.  If YA is your thing, then this series is a must read.  Get on it!


  1. This book sounds interesting. I like a book with action.:)

  2. omoh im curious what the book sounds like in audio :)
    wow 16 hours??? didn't take me that long to read it lol

  3. I am SO right there with you. I loved Last Sacrifice, especially seeing Dimitri BACK. And yes, I agree with you - my heart broke for Adrian. I think the way that was handled with him and Rose was my one "meh" moment for the book. Otherwise, like you, I loved it!

  4. I read this series last year in like 2 months - loved it that much. I bought the audiobook of this exact book because it was one of my favorite in the series and I wanted something to do on my way to work. I however, was a fan of the audiobook version. The voices while reading it were different in my head than the audiobook. However, I do think that the reader of this one did a good job, just not my cup of tea. Other than that I am with you on everything you stay about this book - I think that Richelle Mead's brilliance in creating such a fantastic plot line and her character development (literally to the last page and sentence) are a huge asset to the YA Lit community and the book world overall. Such an amazing series!

    Are you team Adrian or Dimitri???

  5. I thought reading books like this will be boring or something, but when I started reading and fall in the characters, I realized that I’m starting not just to like it but I fell in love with the book.