Friday, February 10, 2012

The Secrets of the Keepers by Elizabeth Isaacs

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My Summary:

Strengthening with Gavin, Nora is trying to learn to control the power that he has brought out in her.  It's a wonderful honeymoon until the darkness seeps into Kailmeyra.  Now Nora and Gavin must prepare for the war that is about to  plague their beautiful world.  Trying to control her gifts and strengthen Gavin, the battle begins.  Deceived by their enemies and facing the worst possible lose, Nora must depend on her faith to lead the people of Kailmeyra.  She is the last light of Kailmeyra, she must fulfill that purpose - if only she can keep her faith.

My Thoughts:

3 stars - a good read

I struggle with epic fantasy.  Trying to keep track of so many different names and places, I lose track of the clues that line the pages of the story.  I feel like I'm reading with one hand tied behind my back.  The combination of urban and epic fantasy in the first book captured my heart and I loved it.  This book was set in the world of Kailmeyra without the grounding in Earth customizes and I struggled to keep everything straight.  Despite this, I enjoyed the rich culture that is the Kailmeyra world.  I love the characters that I met from the first book.  They are devoted to each other and I was very emotionally attached to them.  When they hurt, I hurt.  I was overwhelmed by Nora and Gavin's relationship.  Theirs is a true love.  The time they spent together was sweet and wonderful.  There were so many personal moments that they shared but I never tired of it.  I love Gavin's protective manner and Nora's fierce determination to prove herself.  I love that Gavin hears her thoughts and their is no hiding things from each other.  They faced the issues between them and grew to be more concerned for each others point of view. They grew to love each other more if that was possible.  The relationship they share is faith inspiring. 

The story was harder for me to love.  It was so tied to the many many Kailmeyra traditions and customs that I found myself lost a few times.  I pushed forward wanting very much to know what would happen to my beloved characters.  I'm not normally willing to do that but these characters were so strong and important to me that I kept reading.  I'm glad I did.  It's a great story.

If you lean to the epic side of fantasy, then this series is a beautifully written story of love, lose, friendship, family, faith and family.  Check it out.

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  1. It sounds like the first book was really good, and this second one not as much. If I get time I might check out this series though. I do like fantasy, but don't like too much info that confuses me.

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