Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shadows by Jennifer L Armentrout + GIVEAWAY

Happy Book Birthday Shadows!

So yesterday afternoon, I got my hands on the ARC of Shadows.  Needless to say, that determined the rest of the day's activities.  You may have seen me on twitter all excited about it.  It took me about 3 hours total to read it.  I took a dinner break but that's it.  Make sure you pick this one up ASAP cause it's that good.  Here's my review.

Source:  ARC from publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Dawson is a triplet.  His older (by minutes) bother, Daemon,  looks identical to him.  Daemon is overprotective and a little antisocial at times - at least with the humans.  His sister, Dee, is hyper and very social with anyone - human or luxon.  Oh and all three of them are aliens.  They're supposed to stay low key, living with the human but not being discovered.  The DOD looks poorly on too much ...um involvement with humans.  Still they go to school and talk to the humans but that's it.  Until Bethany moves to town and Dawson can't seem to leave her alone.  If the luxon's don't do him in for it the DOD's gonna find out.  What future is there for a human and a luxon anyway?  None at all.  

My Thoughts:

5 stars - READ IT NOW if not sooner

Yes I love Jennifer's writing, her characters and her storyline.   I have yet to read anything from her that I didn't love but WOW I loved this book.

Dawson is this strong, fierce, determine guy that reminds me so much of Daemon without the sucky attitude.  I fell fast and hard.  He's attracted to Bethany from the start but it takes time for them to fall hard, which I appreciated.  What I really, really enjoyed was how Dawson was bold and confident with their relationship.  I loved how they spend time together.  I LOVED their first kiss, which.... oh just read it.  The point is we didn't spend 95% of the book waiting for them to figure out that they liked each other and then 2 pages of a great relationship followed by something breaking them up only to have it fixed at the last second.  NO, we enjoyed a fabulous building of a strong happy relationship.  (Lots and lots of sighing, fanning and awing happening here).  Of course, if you've read Obsidian, you know the ending is sad but what a ride until then.

It was so fabulous getting to know Daemon better.  It opens up a whole new understanding of why he has such sucky social skills with the humans anyway.  I think I understand Dee better too.  Seeing the three together made it clear what their relationship is really like.  Bethany got to see that too.  We saw them through her eyes.  So fun.

Speaking of seeing through different eyes, this novella was from three points of view (POV).  Dawson, Bethany and Daemon.  I have really taken to reading from the male POV lately.  Love knowing what's going on inside their heads and Jennifer does a great job with that.

If you read Obsidian, then this is one you're gonna want to read ASAP.  If you haven't read Obsidian, then start with this one.  It's fabulous.

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I loved this book so much that I want to share the love.  I'm so happy that Entangled Publishing let me read this book early.  So I'm giving away an eBook to pass that love along.  Follow StuckInBooks and fill out the rafflecopter below.  Make sure if you're gonna spread the word for extra entries that you leave me a valid link or I'll have to delete that entry. 

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  1. Love the review. I'm not entering since I could probably get it from the publisher, but I just wanted to pop over and see what you thought about the book! Love to read your reviews. :)

  2. I am so glad you loved it! Based on your review I am sure I will love it, too.
    I can't wait to meet Dawson but I am also a little afraid to read this, because I have to wait nearly half a year till Onyx comes out:(
    Great review!

  3. Great review. Bought it this morning, and now have to wait until i get off work to read it, sigh.

  4. OoOoOo.....I so want to read this, now! :D

  5. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm excited for more Jennifer Armentrout!

  6. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for this book to come out!! After reading Obsidian and every other book by Jennifer L. Armentrout, how could I not be?? ;) And your five stars are making it sound even more amazing!

    Awesome review, Val! Thank goodness it just came out today so I don't have to wait long to get my own copy of it! Can't wait! :)

  7. Fantastic review!! I am loving it so far. I should be done this afternoon when the kiddo takes a nap. (I would have finished yesterday if B&N hadn't taken so long to put it on their site) I seriously love JLA. Everything she writes is just amazing!!