Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cover Reveal - Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas

Available September 11, 2012

"My name is Beatrice. When I was born, I was blessed with the Sight. I was
immediately removed from my parents and enrolled in the Institution. At
the age of twelve, I had my first true vision, earning my raven’s wings.
And when I turned seventeen, one of my visions came true. Things haven’t
been the same since.

The Institution depends on me to keep the City safe from our enemy, the
Dreamcatchers, but I’m finding it harder to do while keeping a secret from
everyone, including my best friend Gabe. It is a secret that could put us

all in danger. A secret that could kill me and everyone close to me.

But the enemy has been coming to me in my dreams, and I think I’m falling
in love with him. He says they’re coming. He says they’re angry. And I
think I’ve already helped them win."

So my first thought when seeing this cover was that it was very different.  I like the colors and the city in the background.  I'm intrigued by the raven wings (I think) near her eyes.  I like her in profile, the closed eyes and her looking up.  I wonder about how her neck is positioned.  It looks a little unnatural to me and I'm not sure what's up with it.  

What really interests me in the book description.  I  really like the idea of Him coming to her in her dreams.  That sounds different than a lot of what I've seen recently.  So I'm for sure adding it to my TBR list.

What do you think?


  1. eeee i love it!!! im participating also and this is just a stunning cover!!! entangled is just full of awesomeness!!!


  2. This cover is awesome! I did the cover reveal too. Entangled has been on a roll with their awesome sounding books and amazing covers!