Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unitl There Was You by Kristan Higgins & GIVEAWAY

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My Summary:

Posey is all grown up but some of the ghosts of her high school years are still haunting her.  Like the brooding gorgeous bad-boy Liam Declan Murphy.   The skinny girl that never got a second look from the boys, Posey's first crush was Liam.  But he only had eyes for Emma, the good girl.  After high school, he followed her to college and they married and had a daughter.  Posey went to college too but came back home to start an architectural salvage business.  But Liam is back, widowed and raising his teen-age daughter, he can't really deal with a relationship right.  Maybe they can just be friends.  Fate has different ideas though and she is quickly back in love with Liam despite the bashing her heart had taken seventeen years ago.  Even though Liam wants to concentrate on raising his daughter and keeping his overbearing in-laws at bay, he needs something more.  Could that need be for Posey?  Can two lost souls find the healing and strength in each other?  Fate might have something to say about it.

My Thoughts:

4 stars - A great read

I normally read YA books.  I don't make many exceptions but some books call to me.  This one is one of those.  When I was asked to read it, I read the blurb about it and I was hooked.  Then the book came in the mail.  Normally books get put on the bookshelf to wait their turn.  I left this one on my desk.  I picked it up and looked at the cover often.  Then one night I just decided to read a couple of pages to see if I was going to like it.  And that was it.  I read it straight through.

Let's start with Liam.  I loved Liam.  He is trying so hard to be a good father and it's hard.  He was the stay at home dad so his wife could follow her dreams.  He knew his wife had stopped loving him.  His wife dyed after a year of being sick.  He took care of her that whole time.   He moved his daughter across the country so she could be closer to her grandparents even though said grandparents had never liked or approved of him.  He had come from a home with more struggles than advantages yet he was changed by the birth of his daughter.  He grew up and he became a man, a good man.  Everything in his life is always thought in the light of taking care of his daughter.  Yet with all this, Liam is a sexy guy who falls pretty hard for the cute and petite Posey.  It's so sweet to see his charm as they become close.

Posey is an incredibly strong women who has overcome ridiculous pain as a teenager.  I think a lot of women can relate to the heartache of her past.  Yet she is dynamic, level headed and far more impressive than her well endowed cousin.  She has a fair amount of pain to deal with in this book as well.  It's not all about falling into Liam's arms and all is well.  Posey struggles and deals with her setbacks with grace and character.

I must admit that I was pulling for these two.  They deserve some happiness and fate may have something to say about it.

It's a great read that you should definitely check out if you like contemporary.  It's not YA but it's mostly clean with a couple of swear words and discussion about intimacy.  A couple of sizzling scenes but nothing graphic.

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*** GIVEAWAY ***

Gonna share the love with this one.  I'm giving away the copy I received to review.  Since I have to mail it, this one is US only.  You know the rules.  Follow StuckInBooks and fill out the rafflecopter below.


  1. I'd love to read this! I have three of her other books, and really enjoyed them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! This looks like a great book!

  3. It sounds like a really good book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I'm new to Kristan's books so would love to read Until There Was You. Thanks for this chance to win it.