Saturday, November 26, 2011

Calling all Shadowhunters

StuckInBooks, oh that's me Valerie, 
is advocating
for Clary Frey 
from the Mortal Instruments 
in the YA Sisterhood Heroine Tourney!


So that was my first reaction.  Now, I may be stressing a little.  It's such a BIG responsibility.

But then I thought, I just need to ask for suggestions on how to advocate for the BEST heroine ever.  If you have a suggestion on what makes Clary a great heroine, please leave a comment.  

What does it mean to be a great heroine?

What is it about her that draws you to her?

I do have one really good, well I think so anyway, idea but I'm so open to others.

Let me know what you think.


  1. great herione- kicks bootay
    her aura of awesomeness draws you to her
    I love you clary! She is my number 2 cus sorry to say I love Katniss more!

  2. Clary is feisty, independent and fights for what she believes in, all qualities of a great heroine. She's also unafraid to love deeply and truly, but at the same time doesn't need a boy to save her or fight her battles all the time.

  3. Clary is fiercely loyal she will do anything to protect those she loves. She also has great instincts when it comes to fighting. Clary is very independent and even though she loves her friends and family, she doesn't need them to take care of her or get her around somewhere. I love that she can figure out her problems by drawing Clary is very smart and sooner or later she does figure her problems out.

  4. Clary is freaking strong. You don't really ever see her just break down and cry. She keeps herself together and she kicks butt. She's a great fighter and she knows right from wrong. Oh, plus, she can make new runes (or maybe bring back really ancient ones).

  5. Kara-lija here, I'd love for you to use the Clary pic I drew! Thanks and I'm honored!

  6. YAY!!! Love Clary! Well, I basically love anything that Cassie writes! Just wanted to drop in and say hi! If you need anything let me know! Congrats on getting Clary!

  7. I love that Clary's not perfect. She has doubts, just like I'm sure all of us do, and she is so passionate. She's passionate about her art, and about the ones that she loves, and as people have already mentioned she is fiercely loyal. I love that she is willing to do anything to help or protect those that she loves. She may be rash or rush into things sometimes because she's so driven to help the ones she cares for, but at least she does something. I also love that she's willing to learn, and she works hard. Clary's a fantastic heroine. She's smart, and she shows that size definitely doesn't mean that you can't kick some major butt. :)

    Don't worry, you'll do great! Clary's a great pick to have, and you've got an awesome start already by asking others what they think...that way you're letting us all know about her being in the running, so we'll be aware that we have to vote. ;)

  8. Clary hasn't trained as a shadowhunter and she doesn't know how to fight,but when someone she loves is in trouble she will do anything to protect him in any way even if she doesn't know how.She sees the good in the people that think they are not.She is an independant,strong and loyal heroine.That's what makes her perfect for me.

  9. I'm gonna let Jace speak for me ... 'And then I met you. You were a mundane. Weak. Not a fighter. Never trained. And then I saw how much you loved your mother, loved Simon, and how you'd walk into hell to save them. You did walk into a vampire hotel. Shadowhunters with a decade of experience wouldn't have tried that. Love didn't make you weak; it made you stronger than anyone I'd ever met.' (City of Glass) For me what makes Clary a great Heroine is that she's willing to fight for what she wants and what she believes in, despite the risk to herself (I mean she was willing to take valentine on, on her own!), and like alot of others said her fierce loyalty.

  10. Okay, well I think that a heroine, in ANY book, is someone who is real and is relatable to readers. She's funny, and she doesn't have to be pretty or anything, she just has to feel like a friend. She can be nice or she can be a little snippy, because everybody has their imperfections, even people like Clary. I feel like she would be someone who I would love to be friends with in real life, because even though she has no knowledge of fighting she still manages to put up a fight against a Ravener demon in the first book, which shows that she's resourceful. She is really just a teenage girl, like me.

  11. I think what makes her such a great heroine is that she doesn't start out as a fighter, she doesn't know how to properly protect her family and friends, but she is determined to do it anyway. It doesn't matter if she is scared or confused and there is danger everywhere; she doesn't let it stop her. :)