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Destined by Jessie Harrell Character interview & GIVEAWAY

Welcome to the the official blog tour for Destined by Jessie Harrell.  A special thanks to Damaris over at Good Choice Reading for organizing the blot tour.  

Happy Book Birthday to Destined.  It releases TODAY.

Today on StuckInbooks, I'm very happy to be interviewing Eros from Destined.

Hey Eros, so glad you agreed to talk to me.  I must admit that Mount Olympus is a little intimidating for a place to meet.  You sure it’s okay that I’m here?

 *looks around and shrugs*  Sure, why not? Just be glad we're not over at my mother's place. Now that would be intimidating.

Well then, I’m glad we’re here.  So anyway, the first time you met Psyche you didn’t seem so impressed.  But I’m not sure you portrayed how you were really feeling.  Tell us what your first impression of Psyche was?

You don't beat around the bush, do you? *shifts on his tripod* 

I know it’s personal but I really want to know.

No, my first impression of her wasn't the best.  Mostly because I'd been hurt before.  I wasn't interested in repeating that experience.

Your mom suggested that Psyche looks like the “her” from your past.  Is that true?  How would you compare the two?

*clears throat* That gets back to your last question. See, Psyche does look a lot like the "her" that we'll leave nameless. Only Psyche is far more beautiful - inside and out. Really, I can't even compare them.  It'd be like comparing a candle to the sun.

Awe, how sweet.

That first touch between Psyche and you didn’t go so well but there was something there.  What was that like for you?  Were you surprised?

Completely surprised. Her touch shook me. Reminded me of feelings I thought I'd buried. And at the same time... well, again...  I was committed to controlling my own heart back then.

Can you describe Psyche in 5 words or less?

*pauses only a heartbeat before he knows the perfect answer*  Divine even before immortality. 

Being a God and all, you could easily have a perfect day.  Describe your perfect day.  Who’s with you?  Where are you?  What are you up to?

*runs his fingers through his hair* Interesting question. I think I've already had one perfect day, but I don't want to spoil the ending of the book by giving out details. The next most perfect day? The day I stand next to Psyche while she's wearing her scarlet wedding gown and I get to promise myself to her for eternity. Frankly, I don't care who else is there. I won't see anyone but her anyway. 

Oh,nice.  I did notice the scarlet wedding gown thing in the book, is that some Greek tradition I didn’t know about?

Yes. Red is the customary color of wedding gowns in Greece. At least, back in my time it was.

Psyche is certainly lucky to have you be in love with her.  But what about that temper of yours.  What calms you?

*wry, dimple-inducing smile appears* Now who told you that? 

Well, it might have showed up in the book a time or two.  Really, what helps calm you, Psyche perhaps?

Yes, I’d like to think my temper has subsided since Psyche came into my life. A glass of ambrosia doesn’t hurt either.

Random stuff:

Blue, green or brown eyes? *looks quizzically*  green

Blond or brunette? If you'd ever seen Psyche you wouldn't be asking me these questions. Brunette, obviously.

Oh, I’ve seen  Psyche.  Just double checking to make sure I was right.

Favorite food?  I'm partial to calamari.  

Didn’t you feed that to Psyche once?  

Excellent memory you have. *winks*

Favorite color? I'm going with green for Psyche's eyes.

Favorite activity? *shifts again on tripod*  I am the god of Love. How about we leave it at that?

Yes, let’s definitely leave it at that.  Thanks so much, Eros, for talking to me today.  Umm, I was wondering if you could help me find my way out of here? 

Actually, Valerie, I'm sure Hermes would be happy to fly you back.  *leans in to whisper*  I'm afraid I can't use my arrows to help you out with him though.  You're on your own there.

Eros, please be careful with those arrows!

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