Monday, November 21, 2011

Between the Lines by tammara webber

Source:purchased kindle version

Author recommendation: Mature teens+ (language/drinking/sexual situations)

My Summary:

Emma is not your average high school senior.  She doesn't attend classes at a high school but on the set of her latest job.  Nothing exciting, commercials and TV movies.  But all of that changes when she lands the role opposite the teen idol Reid Alexander.  Their chemistry cannot be denied and it earns her the role but it also has Reid after her off camera as well.  And what could possible be wrong with the gorgeous Reid pursuing her?  Nothing right.  But when she makes friends with Graham, the hotty playing the nerd, she starts to doubt a relationship with Reid is wise.  And there is this desire to be normal that Emma can't get past.  What about college?  What about theater acting?  When Graham seems unavailable and Reid is to hard to resist, Emma finds her choices between the lines may be being made for her.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - a must read

This book is a fast fun read.  It grabs you quickly and requires that you keep turning the pages.  I loved the way the POV went back and forth between Emma and Reid.  Tammara does a fabulous job capturing Reid's thoughts.  I loved reading his POV.  He is such a teenage guy!  Add to that his star status and he is downright dangerous.  Yet there is something there with Reid.  Unlike most teenage boys with dysfunctional families, Reid has a whole lot more available to him to help him escape.  For sure he is hiding too and in complete denial.  But he also loves his mother even if he can't say the words.  He also had some history that might explain his instability to say the L word even to his mom.  I think there may be some hope for the boy even if he doesn't want to change anything about himself.

Emma is an interesting soul.  Her mother died when she was young and her father checked out on her.  He married again and is totally devoted to his new wife and making Emma a star.  It doesn't seem to matter what she wants.  Despite all of this, Emma is a great girl.  I love her relationship with her best friend Emily.  They make the Em and Em team.  Emma certainly deserves more than she gets from her family and her life.

Graham is my favorite in this book.  He is mysterious and adorable.  He makes friends with Emma.  As they spend time together, it seems like there is something there.  But there are so many unanswered questions about what's up with Graham.  I started guessing what it could be.  I came close but was surprised with his secrets.  It made me love him more.  I am so team Graham!

So I literally went from reading this book to book 2, Where You Are without even moving from my snuggle chair.  Loving that one too but not excited that I'm going to have to wait for book 3.

If you're a contemporary YA reader, then you should so pick this one up!

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  1. I've heard great things about this one! I'll most probably buy/borrow it soon!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  2. i LOVE LOVE this series. Just to let you know, book three comes out in december! so there isn't a long wait (less than a month!!). I LOVED between the lines, but where you are wasn't AS great because i am selfish and only want Reid and Emma in the book :P. I love finding out these contemporary books, they're underrated but total gems!!

    - juhina

  3. I am in such a contemporary YA mood lately. I definitely need to check this series out. I've heard only positive news about this book.
    Great review!

  4. This definitely sounds interesting! I love that you just picked book two up right away; I love series' like that! And it sucks having to wait to long for next installments. Love the trailer & great review!

    Rebecca @ Kindle Fever

  5. Oh how did I never notice this book before? It sounds totally up my alley! I also love multiple POVs when done right. It really makes me connect with the characters.

    Xpresso Reads

  6. Yay!! I'm soo happy you liked this one!! And I'm totally Team Graham too! He's just so sweet. And hot!! Love that guy! ;) Great review hun! ♥

  7. LOVE this series. Where you are was PERFECT! And that's all I'll say so as not to give away spoilers :)

  8. OH MY GOD!!
    Agreed!!!! T_T Graham is MINE >.<
    I can't believe I've found another Tammara W book lover :D