Saturday, November 26, 2011

2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

I keep finding great reading challenges for next year that I really want to do.  I've resisted most of them but this one I couldn't pass up.  You see I have so many books that I really want to read and they just sit on my shelf because I get caught up in other things.  So, I went through the pile finding the ones that I REALLY want to read and soon.  This challenge gives me focus to do just that. 

Here's the list I came up with:

Yeah, that's a long list but I don't think I even came close to getting them all.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll add to it later.  BUT I am going to get some of these read this year!  Wish me luck!

Eve Bookish is sponsoring this challenge.  If you're interesting in joining, check it out here.


  1. I might join this challenge not sure yet! But your list is good!

    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  2. I know I was meant to collate my own list to join but I can't even remember where I joined the Linky or blog i joined in. Help?

    I hope you'll check out my new online store sometime:

  3. Great list. I did my list and have already thought of at least 10 other ones I wanted to read too. Forbidden is a really heartbreaking book. It's a pretty quick read though. Entice is really good too. I love the Need series. Here's my list of ones I really want to get to (first anyways)