Friday, November 4, 2011

Flame of Surrender Blog Tour

Thanks to Stormi at Lightning Book Promotions for organizing this book tour.

Today on StuckInBooks, I am interviewing Krishani from Flame of Surrender.

I'm so glad you agreed to talk to me Krishani and I love this beautiful Grand Hall we've met at.  Can you tell me if this place has a special meaning for you?

This place? No, but I'm not staying long. No, I don't want to dance with you, maybe one of the feorns will be more interested. 

Tell me about Kaliel.  Can you describe her in say only 5 words?

She used to be perfect. 

Kaliel was the first girl you ever spoke to, what was that like?

 Difficult, but it was more difficult trying to ignore her. Talking seemed better than the other things I thought of doing. 

If you could have one wish granted, no questions, what would it be?

I'd like to see Kaliel again, not that it would make it any easier.  

If you could travel to the past or to the future, which would it be and why?

The future holds too much uncertainty for me, and my pas is full of regret so if I could go back to the past, I would. 

If you were allowed to spend one afternoon anywhere with anyone doing anything, no questions, where would you go?  Who would be with you? What would you do?

I don't think Kaliel and I would go anywhere per say, but we would do a lot of things I'm not at liberty to discuss with you. I've come to appreciate the fact that I have no place I can call home, so the location doesn't matter as long as it's not a battlefield. 

Your eyes are very unique.  Does anyone else have such eyes that you know of?  Do you think your eyes have significance?
I think the fae have eyes like mine, but I never bothered to get to know them. No, my eyes are different because of who I am, I don't think there's more to it than that. 

You struggle with your abilities and have failed your trials.  What can you share that might help someone else who struggles to live up to others expectations?

You can't push yourself because you'll lose sight of the task at hand. Find the one thing that makes you calm and focused and replicate that feeling when you face your trials. 

What calms you?


What makes you happy?


Favorite food?

Apple Pie 

Favorite color?


Favorite activity?

Fire manipulation 

Thanks so much, Krishani, for talking to me.  I think I just want to sit here and enjoy this beautiful Grand Hall for a bit longer. 

Um, no comment, huh?  Well I hope things work out for you Krishani.

My thoughts: 

So, as you can see from the interview, Krishani is struggling with a few things.  I was immediately drawn to Krishani.  The book trades between POV, with Kaliel's but a lot with Krishani too.  I really enjoyed the parts from his POV.  He's a tortured soul and you just want to help him fix it.  Kaliel and Krishani are soul mates that were never meant to be. They struggle to resist it but the pull is too strong.  That pull is strong, even to the point that they can find each other by being drawn to each other.  It's quite compelling. One wonders if in the end there can't be happiness for two so bound to each other but alas this book contains no happiness for the two.

The world is of an epic fantasy, set in the world of the Fey.  The Fey are logical and love is foreign to them.  The love shared between Krishani and Kaliel is not so much forbidden as it is unheard of. Everyone and everything is against them.  

The ending was hard to take.  I think Rhiannon rates up there as one of those evil authors that loves to torture her characters and her readers.  Not sure how book 2 will go on after what poor Krishani was forced to endure.  Not sure what is left at all. 

If you enjoy epic fantasy and a good story, then pick this one up.

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