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Ashton from The Vincent Boys & Giveaway

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I'm so excited to have Ashton from The Vincent Boys on StuckInBooks today.

Hey, Ash.  Thanks for agreeing to talk to me.  I love that we're meeting at Hanks.

You're welcome. They have the best sweet tea here. It was either here or the bar and I figured this would be easier. Honey was sure to be all in our business if we met at the bar. 

So, you ran a little wild when you were younger.  What caused you to become the good girl?

My parents never caught me and Beau wreaking havoc as kids. Sawyer was always there to cover our tracks. But as we got older and Sawyer started noticing me I convinced myself I had to walk the straight and narrow to keep him interested in me. Changing for a boy is never a wise move but I did it. 

Growing up, who were you closer to - Beau or Sawyer? 

Beau. It was always the two of us against the world. He had major family issues and he didn't like to appear weak in front of Sawyer. So the nights he was scared he'd come to my house and we'd either hang out on my roof talking or go throw water balloons at passing cars. I wanted to get his mind off his home life. I hated seeing him so sad. I think he needed me back then and that is a big reason we were so close. 

Do you remember the first time you noticed that either Beau or Sawyer was, um ... male?

Yes. When other girls started giggling whenever Beau walked by I started looking at him through their eyes. He was gorgeous even back then. Sawyer soon had his own share of fans. I kept waiting for Beau to see me as something more than a buddy but it didn't happen. So, I turned my attention to Sawyer. 

Can you describe Beau in 5 words or less?

Determined, confident, fascinating, possessive, and sweet (yes I said sweet)

Can you describe Sawyer in 5 words or less?

trustworthy, dependable, charming, talented, forgiving

Describe the perfect day with Beau.

A picnic basket, a blanket, Beau's truck, a couple of fishing poles and our spot at the bay. 

Describe the perfect day with Sawyer.

A picnic basket, a blanket, Beau's truck, a couple of fishing poles and our spot at the bay. 

Describe the perfect day with Sawyer.

We both love The Dave Matthews Band. So a perfect day with Sawyer would involve a Dave Matthews concert. We always have fun bowling too. Maybe a drive down to the beach to eat at one of his favorite seafood restaurants then we'd go bowling and end the night with a summer concert on the beach featuring Dave Matthews. 

When Sawyer first told you he would be gone for so long over the summer, what were your first thoughts?

I was going to have the worst summer of my life. Sawyer had become the center of my world. I did the things he wanted to do and went the places he wanted to go. Without him around to decide my next move I was worried I'd be lost. 

If you could have one wish grated, no questions, what would it be?

For fear of giving too much away, I'll just say one word and those who have read the book will understand "Grana"

Skittles or M&M's- Skittles. 
Dark or light hair- Light ;) 
Brown, Blue or Green eyes - hazel
DVD or movie theater- DVD
Dinner out or in- out
Mountain or ocean- Ocean

There's one spoilery question below.  If you've read the book and want to read it, just highlight the text to see it.

When Beau slipped his arms around you at the hole and told you that he couldn't live without you, what were you thinking?

That I'd give anything to have him. That I'd rewrite history if I could and choose the right Vincent boy three years ago. And I wondered how I could tell him no. I wanted him and Sawyer to mend their fences but I also wanted Beau. If things hadn't happened the way they did I wonder if I'd been able to stand firm or if I'd given into my heart and been selfish. 

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