Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebration with Trisha Wolfe!

Welcome to a month long celebration!

What am I celebrating?


And it's gone up since then!

SO, I'm celebrating!

All month I will be posting interview and featuring books from some of my favorite authors!

Of course, there will be a HUGE giveaway to go along with it!
For every author that participates, I will add one of their books to the giveaway.  Every book will have a winner! This will be BIG!

Today I have Trisha Wolfe!

Val:  I’m celebrating passing 700,000 page views on Stuck In Books and I’m so happy you’re here with me for that.

Hope you don’t mind me being silly with you for a bit.  Gotta have some fun, ya know.  Does it make me strange that I want to celebrate with authors?  It’s a bookish thing.

Trish: I think we’re good to go on the silly front ;) *gets ready to bounce*

Val: When you want to celebrate something fabulous, what do you do?

Trish: Ya know, I’m so lame lol I don’t think I’ve went out and done anything to celebrate for years…I tend to buy books and order movies, take some “me” time just to relax J

Val: My celebrating beverage is Coke Zero. I know, I’m weird.  What’s your celebrating beverage of choice?

Trish: Coke FTW! I’m a Coke girl myself. Some days, I just hook right up to a Coke IV.

Val: I tend to hang out at parks with my one-year-old grandson for celebrations.  Where is your celebration destination of choice?

Trish: My bed, for reals. I put on a Buffy marathon and celebrate with Spike ha!

Val: I might get stuck in a book to celebrate.  Who am I kidding; of course that’s how I celebrate.  (Buying a book is the best kind of celebration!) What was the last book you got stuck in?

Trish: It is! Agreed, girl. Hmm the last book that I got lost in was SHOOTING SCARS by Karina Halle. It was AWESOME. I love this series so hard!

Val: New adult books have become my new love.  Do you have a genre that you prefer to read or write over all others?

Trish: I have been all about reading as many NA books as I can get my hands on these days, too. I’ve always loved anything new and fresh, and I love the idea of where this genre can and hopefully will go. I think Fantasy will always be my first love. I’ve loved it since as long as I can remember, but NA and anything with a dark feel is my close second right now J

Val: If you had to re-write the three little pigs or the three bears into a new adult book, which would you choose and how would you do it?

Trish: You are so tough! Lol I love this question, though J Let’s see—I guess I prefer pigs over bears. I don’t know why, really, ha! But I think I’d go for more of a metaphor. Three pigs being three brothers that only thought of women as possessions, something to “own” and discard, and have the big bad wolf be the woman (come on, I’m a wolfe, after all ;) who storms into their lives to huff and puff and help them overcome their douchebag ways. Yeah, kind of cliché. But I think there’s a story there, maybe ;)

Val: You’re building the perfect ice cream sundae to share with one character from one of your books.  What’s on the sundae and who are you sharing it with? Yeah – you need to explain your choice.

Trish. Oh! Good one! Um…right now, since I just got finished with THE DARKEST PART, I’m still super in love with Holden. He’s just everything that I love in men, and I can’t stop thinking about his tattoos lol So I would totally be sharing a triple scoop of straight up chocolate ice cream covered in Reese cups with Holden as I ogle his tats <3

Val: You have woke up in the middle of one of your books but things aren’t unfolding as you thought.  Which character has sabotaged the story and how will you convince them to fix it?

Trish: Ya know, this actually happens quite often lol I go to bed at night thinking of plot points and holes, only to wake up still thinking about them. So dreaming about my characters and books is a nightly occurrence.

Right now, I’m working on OF DARKNESS AND CROWNS, and Caben is giving me a lot of grief. He and the dark goddess are really testing me, as they are linked (trying not to give spoilers for those who haven’t read first book lol). Bale—the dark goddess—has vowed to end Caben’s life as she manifests on the earth plane, and I’m freaking out, because this is NOT supposed to happen yet… I think I’d try to stop her by channeling my inner Kal. I’d talk to Caben and help him realize how much he loves and needs Kal, how much she needs him…and help him suppress the darkness trying to take over.

For those who haven’t read the first book, I’m sure that makes no sense lol But really trying not to be spoiler-y ;)

Val: You know my good news, what’s yours?  (What’s the new book/project you got going or any other thing you’d like to share with peeps).

Trish: Val, I’m am seriously so happy and proud of you! I feel like we’ve known each other forever, and it’s so awesome to see your blog and you doing so well <3 I couldn’t be happier for you! *bounces and feeds you ice cream*

For me, right now, I’ve just released THE DARKEST PART, and I’m so excited! This book truly tested me, as it’s my first Contemp, no world building to hide behind, and the characters and emotions are so raw. I loved every second of writing it, and I’m looking forward to writing the next book in the Living Heartwood series J

 The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood, #1) by Trisha Wolfe

Pressing the boundaries of both the psyche and the heart, Sam and Holden embark on a dangerous journey that will test the limits of love.

Sam Wintry’s life used to be almost perfect. She was engaged to her childhood best friend and high school sweetheart, Tyler Marks, planning an amazing cross-country honeymoon during her college break. But after a hit-and-run leaves her in ruin, she begins seeing Tyler’s fractured, ghostly presence, and her family believes she’s losing her mind. Not until she completes their journey, stopping along the way to scatter Tyler's remains, will Tyler be able cross over. Sam ready for him to leave her?

When the black sheep of the Marks' family, Holden Marks, returns to check on Tyler's case, Sam convinces him to give her his brother's ashes. Despite their shaky history, she needs, he owes it to Sam and his brother. What she doesn’t count on is Holden’s relentlessness to go on the trip.

On the road, Holden realizes just how unhinged Sam has become. Dealing with her psychosis forces him to confront his dark past, making it harder to keep secrets hidden that should remain buried. Especially from Sam, the only woman he’s ever loved. And as Sam starts to unravel the truth, she begins to question if the brother she's unwillingly falling for again is in an even darker place than her.

New Adult Contemporary coming this year.

NOW the GIVEAWAY part!

So, for every author that I interview, I will be adding a book to this giveaway. Every book will have a winner. It's the same giveaway all month, I'll just be adding to it.

What am I adding for Trisha Wolfe?

2 eBook copies of The Darkest Part!

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  1. I like her version of The Three Little Pigs. That's such a fun question. I am loving seeing the different answers. Also, I am a Coke person too. Normally Cherry Coke though. Her new book sounds really awesome!!

  2. Fun interview! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are probably the best interview questions I've seen. Love the 3 little pigs one! And hey I'm page view #742,000!
    Congrats Val!