Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrate with Heather Self!

Welcome to a month long celebration!

What am I celebrating?


And it's gone up since then!

SO, I'm celebrating!

All month I will be posting interview and featuring books from some of my favorite authors!

Of course, there will be a HUGE giveaway to go along with it!
For every author that participates, I will add one of their books to the giveaway.  Every book will have a winner! This will be BIG!

Who do I have today?


I’m celebrating passing 700,000 page views on Stuck In Books and I’m so happy you’re here with me for that.

Hope you don’t mind me being silly with you for a bit.  Gotta have some fun, ya know.  Does it make me strange that I want to celebrate with authors?  It’s a bookish thing.

When you want to celebrate something fabulous, what do you do?

Depends what it is I’m celebrating, but chocolate and a French 74 (using extra special lavender vodka liqueur) are nearly always a must!

My celebrating beverage is Coke Zero. I know, I’m weird. 

What’s your celebrating beverage of choice? Ha! See above. Though sometimes I go for a Mexican martini.

I tend to hang out at parks with my one-year-old grandson for celebrations.  Where is your celebration destination of choice?

I like to celebrate at home, though for our 13th anniversary the hubs and I went to NYC and Ireland on our “honeymoon”. The cover pic on the Dark came from that trip so it’s extra special to me.

I might get stuck in a book to celebrate.  Who am I kidding; of course that’s how I celebrate.  (Buying a book is the best kind of celebration!) What was the last book you got stuck in?

Here Without You by Tammara Webber. It’s the final book in her Between the Lines series and I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Reid more but…oh. my.

New adult books have become my new love.  Do you have a genre that you prefer to read or write over all others?

I really like New Adult, but I think YA will always be my first love since it’s what I first wrote in. I read all over the board depending on my  mood.

If you had to re-write the three little pigs or the three bears into a new adult book, which would you choose and how would you do it?

Ooooo. Fun! Hmmm…maybe the bears are shifters and have kidnapped Goldie and she has to be rescued by the Ninja Pigs, but ends up falling in love with Baby Bear but Step-Mama Bear doesn’t like that ‘cause she has a thing for Baby, OR Goldie is really a shifter pib or falls in love with shifter Baby OR maybe they’re really were-pigs and eat humans so the Bears are trying to protect Goldie…so many possibilities…

You’re building the perfect ice cream sundae to share with one character from one of your books.  What’s on the sundae and who are you sharing it with? Yeah – you need to explain your choice.

Oh NO!! I know you expect me to pick between Kieran and Chase, but I’m not gonna. It might be spoilery ;) I’d pick Brennan, since he’s seen so much of human history (and that was my major)  I’d get to pick his brain and get a first-hand accounting.  I’m super particular about sundaes so it would have to be vanilla ice cream, with caramel and chocolate sauce a smidge of whip cream and chopped nuts—gotta have the salty with the sweet.  No cherry on top. I eat it straight out of the jar.

You have woke up in the middle of one of your books but things aren’t unfolding as you thought.  Which character has sabotaged the story and how will you convince them to fix it?

Good grief, woman!! Ummm…probably Liam. He wouldn’t want Kieran anywhere near Eveline, and I’d probably use Mina to straighten him out. Even though she’s younger than he is, she’s always been very maternal towards him and he respects her.

You know my good news, what’s yours?  (What’s the new book/project you got going or any other thing you’d like to share with peeps).

I’m chugging along with Book 2 of The Portal Trilogy (after the unfortunate destruction of my previous 50k words)—the Key, and working on a super  secret project too.
Thanks for having me Val and congrats!

The One (The Portal Trilogy) by Heather Self

Stranded on Earth two thousand years they’ve waited for the arrival of the One: some to save her, others to kill her. With her birth, the ancient prophecy could at last be fulfilled and the doorway between the worlds would open. Those who know the prophecy believe this event occurred almost eighteen years ago, and now, they’ll stop at nothing to find her.

Seventeen-year-old Eveline has lived her entire life on the move and she hates it. She knows her parents believe she’s the One, and they’ve done whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of those who want her dead. But Eveline isn’t fully convinced that her parents’ beliefs match her own. What she does believe is that Leadville, Colorado may be the chance she’s been waiting for. The chance to be somewhere safe. The chance for her to make friends and have fun. The chance to finally date a guy. The chance to be a normal girl, at least as normal as possible for someone not human

The Dark (The Portal Trilogy, #1.5) by Heather Self

Mary Anne Moore doesn't know what she is. She can’t explain why she has lived so long.

Or why she never gets sick.

Or why the dreams she has come true.

She has hidden herself as a lowly servant to the households of Dublin's English elite for decades, until the night that changes her life. Now her sole purpose is the child she never expected to have. She will do anything in her power to keep the black-eyed monsters from discovering him and turning him into one of them.

For Kieran Moore, the dark is an ever-present parasite, waiting to devour his humanity. His mother’s love and the girl in his dreams has kept it at bay for years, but the more time that passes—the longer he has to wait for her—the more it grows. When tragedy strikes, it is all he can do to keep from being consumed by the darkness that infects him. He must continue to hold on to the hope of peace her presence will bring him, because it’s not just his fate on the line, but that of the entire world.

NOW the GIVEAWAY part!

So, for every author that I interview, I will be adding a book to this giveaway. Every book will have a winner. It's the same giveaway all month, I'll just be adding to it.

What am I adding for Heather Self?

eBook copies of The One and The Dark


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