Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Celebration with Sawyer Bennett!

Welcome to a month long celebration!

What am I celebrating?


And it's gone up since then!

SO, I'm celebrating!

All month I will be posting interview and featuring books from some of my favorite authors!

Of course, there will be a HUGE giveaway to go along with it!
For every author that participates, I will add one of their books to the giveaway.  Every book will have a winner! This will be BIG!

Today, I have Sawyer Bennett!

I’m celebrating passing 700,000 page views on Stuck In Books and I’m so happy you’re here with me for that.

Hope you don’t mind me being silly with you for a bit.  Gotta have some fun, ya know.  Does it make me strange that I want to celebrate with authors?  It’s a bookish thing.

When you want to celebrate something fabulous, what do you do?

I love to celebrate with a great meal at one of my favorite restaurants. Good food is my downfall.

My celebrating beverage is Coke Zero. I know, I’m weird.  What’s your celebrating beverage of choice?

Nothing beats a great bubbly. My go-to celebration champagne is Veuve Clicquot and then everyone signs the box it comes in with best wishes on the success.

I tend to hang out at parks with my one-year-old grandson for celebrations.  Where is your celebration destination of choice?

I’ve never gone anywhere to celebrate before until now. My husband and I are traveling to Ireland for ten days and just plan to drive around the countryside (and hit a few pubs along the way). This is to celebrate my transition from being a lawyer to being a full time author. And we probably should throw a bottle of bubbly in there too!

I might get stuck in a book to celebrate.  Who am I kidding; of course that’s how I celebrate.  (Buying a book is the best kind of celebration!) What was the last book you got stuck in?

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been truly stuck in a book. Most of the stuff I read now is fairly light, easy reading. The last book that got me immersed and touched me profoundly was The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. His writing is beautiful and the story was epic. It’s one of my favorites.

New adult books have become my new love.  Do you have a genre that you prefer to read or write over all others?

My preferred genre to read is paranormal romance and my two favorite authors are Gena Showalter and Larissa Ione. Paranormal romance usually comes with a hot, Alpha male and that always pleases me to read about. I like writing both paranormal and contemporary, but the contemporary is easier for me. It just flows more naturally for some reason.

If you had to re-write the three little pigs or the three bears into a new adult book, which would you choose and how would you do it?

Definitely three little pigs. Each pig would be a woman and the wolf would be my tortured male looking for true love even though he has no clue that is what he’s doing.  The first two women, who live in straw and mud houses, would not be right for our wolf...I mean male lead. The ease with which he can blow down their walls, shows that they have a shallowness that isn’t right for him. He needs more of a challenge. When he gets to the brick know, the one where the pig...I mean securely holed up, well...he just has his work cut out for him. He tries his normal seduction and charm tactics, but he can’t breach the walls. Finally, he sees an opening...the chimney. After burrowing his way down into her house...I mean walls she’s erected around her heart, he finds that she is actually the one that captures him.  In a big stew pot...or a king sized bed with silk sheets and a box of condoms on the bedside table...take your pick.  And they both lived happily ever after.

You’re building the perfect ice cream sundae to share with one character from one of your books.  What’s on the sundae and who are you sharing it with? Yeah – you need to explain your choice.

Hmmmm...since ice cream and images of Ryan, Nix, Linc and Cillian are all pretty x-rated, I really shouldn’t go there. They are in committed relationships after all. I think I’d choose Danny from Off Sides. She is about the most perfect female character I’ve written. She is strong, independent, kind, hard-working, beautiful and just an overall happy person. She’s the type of person that just makes you feel good to be around. So we would sit in the middle of the ice cream parlor, I would soak in her good vibes, and hopefully get her to spill some dirty stuff that she has going on with Ryan.

You have woke up in the middle of one of your books but things aren’t unfolding as you thought.  Which character has sabotaged the story and how will you convince them to fix it?

That’s an easy one. If someone is going to sabotage my story, it’s going to be Cillian O’Bradaigh. He’s a control freak of the utmost variety and a cocky, Alpha male who thinks it’s his way or the highway. He would insist a scene be a certain way and if I dared to disagree, he would push me away from my desk and start typing it the way he wanted.  There is only one way to fix this situation...and that’s to call in Renner. She’s someone that can just bat her eyelashes at him, and he’ll dissolve into a puddle of gooey surrender in probably three seconds flat. I’ll have her scoop him up, tell her to get him the hell out of my house, and let me write my damn scene.

You know my good news, what’s yours?  (What’s the new book/project you got going or any other thing you’d like to share with peeps).

I’ve got a lot on my agenda coming up. My last Off series book, Off Chance will be releasing 10/21/13 and it will be about Flynn Caldwell. The cover reveal will be 9/6/13 and I have a gorgeous cover model that I think will have most women happy to gaze upon him.
After that, I’ll be working on the book in my NA paranormal romance series, The ForeverLand Chronicles.  I’m hoping for a December release.  I’ll also have my Christmas novella, If I Return, releasing November 1, 2013 and that is part of a 12 book anthology called the 12 NA’s of Christmas.

From there, I’m going to work on re-edits of my paranormal adult romances as I’ve decided to change them from 3rd person to 1st person...something you don’t normally see in that genre.

Finally, I am shooting for spring release of my first adult contemporary romance. It’s still untitled yet, but it’s going to be one of those books that will take some time to write.

I have a ton of other ideas, I just don’t know in which order I’ll start working on them yet!!

The Off Series

 Adding 2 eBook copies of Off Course to my Giveaway!

Off Chance by Sawyer Bennett 

He is seeking absolution.

Flynn Caldwell has a hero complex and it’s one of the reasons he joined the New York City Fire Department. He has spent his entire professional career trying to atone for that one person he failed to save. Because, if he can do that, then perhaps he can be worthy of love again.

She is seeking escape.

Rowan Page’s life is nothing short of a disaster. Always immersed in trouble, she has only herself to depend on. She’s determined to pull herself out of this mess and make something of her life, despite the hard years she has lived on the streets of New York.

Together, they have the chance to become complete.

Flynn and Rowan’s worlds exist miles apart, but when a chance meeting brings them together, neither of them can deny the instant pull that connects them to each other. What starts as a tiny spark eventually flares into a fire so hot, it refuses to be extinguished.

For it to work, both of them will need to jump feet first into the flames to see where it takes them, despite the risk of being burned

NOW the GIVEAWAY part!

So, for every author that I interview, I will be adding a book to this giveaway. Every book will have a winner. It's the same giveaway all month, I'll just be adding to it.

What am I adding for Sawyer Bennett?

The author has donated 2 eBook copies of Off Course


a signed PAPERBACK of Off Course!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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