Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Truth About Faking by Leigh T. Moore ~ Review

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Source:  Received eBook copy from author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Harley has a plan.  A plan that includes her getting a date with Trent, maybe more than a date.  He meets her requirements for the perfect boy.  But he's getting over being dumped by Steph.  Then there's Jason.  He's new to town and his eyes can only see Harley.  But her best friend has her eyes on Jason.  Will anyone get what they want in this high school drama?  When Harley convinces Jason to fake date her, the secrets pile up.  Then she starts wondering if the fake kisses are what she really wants.  When the truth comes out, where will all this craziness end??

My Thoughts:

3 stars- High School drama mixed with lies and lessons

Harley is determined to have Trent as her boyfriend.  She has plotted and schemed for months to finally have him as only a high school girl can.  I wanted to like Harley for her determination but really I didn't.  It could be the middle school teacher in me, but she seemed to act younger than she was. Maybe it was because she comes from a religious home, but while her parents were strict, they weren't isolating her from the world.  Her decision making drove the story and she made poor ones.  She missed the signs, that were so clear to me, that Trent wasn't interested in her that way.  She ignored the better option of Jason, who was very much interested in her that way.  Jason understood her, he listened to her, and they had fun together.  I just couldn't get past Harley being silly about her choices - too young with her choices.  Maybe this book is really for the younger part of YA.  Thinking that isn't my thing.

I did love Jason.  He was confident and persistent.  More than that he was real.  I really enjoyed every scene he was in.  Spontaneous and  fun, he really was a great guy, a high school guy.  I really was curious about his background.  We got bits and pieces of it but it felt like there was more there.

I loved Shelly, Harley's BFF.  She was a funny, hormone driven girl that just appealed to me.  I felt like she was a very normal teenage girl wanting a boyfriend and some kissing action.  She made sense to me.  Other characters appealed to me too.  I really like Trent.  He was real and I could clearly see what was up with him.  I really like Ricky.  I was suspicious of the side drama that was Ricky and Harley's mom and I was right.  The secondary characters were great overall and I enjoyed them.

The story could have moved faster for me.  Mostly I was figuring it out ahead of what the pages revealed.  Of course, that happens to me a lot.  It was a cute story of a girl who sets her sites on something that isn't right for her and has to be shown the hard way why that's the case.  And, like I said, it's probably a great middle level read.  It just wasn't my favorite.

Here are some peeps that did love this book.


  1. Thanks so much for reading and for your review, Valerie! It's been really cool to see how people respond to the book. Some people love Harley, some people don't. Some people hate Shelly-! Some don't like Trent, but EVERYONE loves Jason--LOL! :D

    (I love them all, obvs.) Thanks again! Best to you! :o) <3

  2. This sounds like a good book. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, but it's too bad that it seemed a little young. I have been really into Mature YA and New Adult lately, so this would probably seem too young for me after reading so many of those. At least the secondary characters were likable. Great review.

  3. Sounds like a cute story. I swear, I had a friend just like Harley; she was always going for the guy who wasn't at all interested, and she could never see it. I'm betting actual teens might really enjoy this. Nude review, Val!

  4. I bordered on a 3-4 rating for this book. I loved Jason. I also agree with you, I liked Trent and Ricky too. Harley's drove me a bit nuts. LOL Nice review.

  5. This sounds like a really cute story, I must admit I was drawn to this book by the cover ;) I'm glad you liked it despite the few things you mentioned.

    A great review Val! thank-you for sharing.