Thursday, October 4, 2012

Phoenix character casting - Elijah

Phoenix character casting – Elijah
Name: Elijah Theroux
Age:  16
Height: 5ft 9
Species: Bastet
Likes:  Taking cat naps, fishing, cooking, winding up Ash, reading poetry, riding horses
Hates:  Getting up early, cold weather, birds, his brother Marcel  

I rub my eyes. “It’s rude to watch someone sleeping, you know?”
“I was bored and you talk in your sleep,” Elijah says.
I blush, wondering what I’d said.
“Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything rude, unfortunately for me,” he says.

(Natalie and Elijah, Phoenix – A Black City Novel, Book #2, June 2013)

Who would play him in a movie: Douglas Booth

Cover Reveal Trailer:
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