Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

Source: I received an advanced copy from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

My Summary:

Ashton met the Vincent Boys young. Running wild with Beau, she was just as much a terror as he was. Beau was her best friend and Sawyer was his cousin always getting them out of trouble. Then they became teenagers. Sawyer made his move on Ashton and they became a couple at age 13. The couple grew closer and Beau drifted away from Ashton. She never stopped noticing him. She never stopped reacting to his comments or his looks. But Sawyer was the prince of the school and Ashton tried to live up to his image. She became the good little girl, living to make Sawyer happy. Then the summer before her senior year, Sawyer leaves for a few weeks for a family camping trip. Left without the person she spent most of her time with, Ashton was lonely and possibly tired of playing the good girl. Circumstances bring Beau back into her life and Ashton can’t get enough of his company. Their friendship quickly returns, perhaps a little more than friendship. But they both love Sawyer and could never break his heart, could they?

Caution: This is for older teens for sexual content

My thoughts:

4 stars – a great read

So I’ve been reading so many paranormal books lately that when I had the chance to sneak in The Vincent Boys, I jumped at it. This book is a fast pasted fun read. It was just what I needed. I made the mistake of starting it late one night before bed. Why do I do things like that? Well, let’s just say that I read too late. I didn’t finish it but I did the next day after I spend a miserable day at working wishing I was reading.

The setting is a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business. Ashton is the preacher’s daughter trying to live up to a standard she doesn’t quite feel. She struggles to do what everyone expects her to do all the time wishing she could be something different. Not that she’s a bad girl, really, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be perfect. Who is perfect anyway? No one I know. What I love is that Beau knows this about her and he loves her for who she is. He’s loved her forever but out of respect for Sawyer he’s stayed away. But once Ashton shows an interest in him, he can no longer stand back and watch Sawyer have his girl. Now you may think you know what’s going to happen in this story and I would say you probably don’t. There were some twists that I was surprised by. That made it fun.

I love that this book is a struggle to be true to yourself. Everyone has to figure out who they are and what makes them happy. Pretending to be something you are not will not bring you happiness or peace. This book explored that idea and I really enjoyed it.

If contemporary romance is your thing, then give this book a look. It’s a great read.

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  1. This sounds really fun I love the cover. I also need something other than paranormals at the moment...

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