Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alex from Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout

StuckInBooks is very excited to bring you three character interviews from Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Monday, I talked to Seth.  Tuesday I talked to  Aiden and today I'm talking to Alex.  All of this the release of Half-Blood.

I have Alex from Half-Blood here with me today. We’re here in the garden on campus.  Thanks for coming and talking to me.

"No problem. I kinda of miss talking to mortals if you can believe that."

When you were seven, you met the Minister.  You two didn’t really hit it off so well.  Can you tell us how you feel about that now?

She laughs.

"I feel pretty much the same thing I did then. I don't like it when people think they can just touch me. Violating space, much? I might not kick a minister today if one pinched me, but ... probably depends on my mood."

I love that you don’t take grief off of anyone.  Where do you think you get your passion from?

A thoughtful expression crosses her face.

"I don't know. My mom ... well, she was really gentle and soft spoken. I guess I got it from my father--that and my lack of height-- whoever he is. I was just born with this mouth much to everyone's dismay. Well, besides Caleb. He's finds it hilarious when I get all riled up about something. Aiden, on the other hand, looks like he wants to put a muzzle on me."

Your first crush was with a pure-breed guy.  How do you feel about the no pure/half relationships?

"It's really stupid."

Is it possible to every completely get over that first crush?

"No. Yes? I don't know."

She slumps back against the bench, staring at the nightshade bush.

"I don't think I did. How lame is that?"

Can you tell us about your first kiss?

"Wet. Sloppy. Traumatizing. Mainly because my first kiss was also Caleb's first kiss. We were kids and we saw two teenagers doing it and we were bored. Yeah, it scarred us both."

She shudders.

"It was like kissing your brother but worse. We'd starred at each other and then swore that would never, ever happen again."

If you could go on a date with Aiden or Seth (not both – definitely not both), what would you like to do? (Politics and rules aside)

"Yeah, going out with both of them would surely turn into a royal rumble. Both of them are like peacocks, fluffing their feathers at one another. It's ridiculous."

Alex hops up from the bench.

"If I went out on a date with Seth, the night would end with one of us killing the other, I'm sure. He takes douche baggery to a whole new level. But with Aiden?"

She sighs.

"Yeah, that's not even fair to dream about. That's all I can say."

What were your first impressions of Seth?

She snorts.

"At first, I was like holy daimon butt, he's hot. I mean, you can't help but notice that. Then I realized what he is and I had the misfortune of talking to him, and it totally ruined the whole physical thing he's got going for him."

Do you remember the first time you saw Aiden?  What was that like?

"I saw him before I left here, several times, while he was training. Even then, he was magnificent to watch."

Her cheeks turn a bright red.

"I can't believe I used the word 'magnificent'. Next question."

Can you describe Seth in three words?  What about Aiden?

"How about four words for Seth? 'Pain in my ass.' And for Aiden? 'He's my hero.' Seriously."

When you look at a guy for the first time, where are you looking?

"Their eyes."

Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

"Not all pures are the same. I mean, most of them are giant a-holes, but not all of them. Some of them actually care about... us. And yeah, don't let Seth fill your head with his delusions of grandeur."


M&Ms or skittles? Both?
Steak or Burger? Both again. I like to eat.
Movies or DVD? DVDs.
iPod or radio? iPod.
Diamonds or pearls? Neither. I'm not a jewelry type of girl.
Silver or green eyes? Silver. And yeah, I know what you're getting at.
Blond or dark hair? Dark hair.

Thanks so much for the time Alex.  You have such a strong spirit, I’m rooting for you.

"Thanks for having me. I gotta run. It's Alex-getting-her-butt-kicked-time. See you around? Er, no we probably will never see each other again. Peace out, home skillet."

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