Monday, October 3, 2011

The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

Source: won in a giveaway from the author

My Summary:

Megan is used to moving around.  Ever since her mother’s death, her dad seems content in one place for only so long.  She’s used to not really having a best friend or a boy friend.  She’s used to starting over at a new school in a new town.  So when her dad lands a great job in Ireland, she’s expecting more of the same even if it is in another country.  But what she finds is nothing like what she’s used to.  Feeling more comfortable than she ever has in any town they’ve lived in before, she finds a best friend and a new life.  Not to mention a gorgeous boy, Adam, who can’t seem to keep his eyes off her.  But what is Adam hiding?  How will it affect Megan’s happy life in Ireland?  It’s a sure bet it’s not going to be peaceful!

My Thoughts:

5 stars – a must read

Every once in a while, you read a book and realize that it’s a favorite even before you finish it.  That’s what happened for me while reading The Carrier of the Mark.  I remember it happening before with a handful of books like Twilight, City of Bones, and Iron King.  It’s where you sigh contentedly when you sit down to read it.  It’s where you miss the characters when you’ve been away from them all day.  It’s where you frantically check to find out how long you’re going to have to wait for book two.  It’s where you want to start rereading it as soon as you finish the last page because you don’t want it to end.  It’s where you won’t give your signed copy away because you know it’s a keeper that deserves shelf space on your very full bookshelf.  Why do I love this book so much and think that everyone who enjoys paranormal romance should read it?  Let me tell you.

The characters are real and I liked them right away.  I could quickly see Megan as the new girl high school trying to adjust.  I never had a moment where I didn’t like Megan.  She’s strong and willing to move around for her dad, who she recognizes needs the changes as he still struggles with her mother’s death.  She doesn’t hate him for that.  She is amazingly strong, which I love in female characters.  Adam has mystery written all over him.  It takes a while to figure him out and while I had an idea of where it was going, really I was surprised.  I love surprises.  And what fun it was to figure it out.  I love Adam and his stormy side.  Yes they have an instant connection but I really enjoyed it.  It didn’t feel contrived or odd. 

The supporting characters are also fabulous.  I really like Rían.  He struggled with some things and we got to see some of his weaknesses.  I saw how he changed through the book and why.  I really enjoyed how his relationship with Megan evolved through the book.  I also like Aíne.  She’s fun and yet protective of her brother.  The moths were one of my favorite scenes with her.

The plot was well paced.  I could have read this in a day if my life didn’t get in the way.  Staying up late and trying to teach the next day is never a good idea but I was seriously tempted.  Nonetheless, I was eager to pick it up at lunch and as soon as I could in the evening.  It still only took about four days to read.  The action was mixed with world building that I really liked.  A mix of myth and paranormal, it was a different spin that I really enjoyed.  The balance was perfect with cute Adam, mystery over what was going on, and Megan working through her new life. 

Really, this book is fabulous and you must read it!  Make sure you pick it up.  My copy is going to school for my 8th graders to borrow because I’ve been talking to them about it and I want them to read it.  Gonna make sure the library orders it too.  The Carrier of the Mark is a MUST READ book for 2011 or for any year!  This book will be available tomorrow in the US and is already available in the UK/Ireland.

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So I was talking to @PhiliaFelice on twitter about how much I love this book.  She does too.  So much so that she made this fabulous trailer for it.  Check it out below and then check out her fabulous blog here to see more of her incredible trailers!


  1. I loved the moth scene as well! it was so beautiful, and Riane... *sigh* I adore him. I look foward to seeing more of him in COTM 2.

    You summed up everything I felt about this book. I knew from the very beginning that I was going to love it.

    Thanks so much for linking my trailer. :) I hope everyone likes it!

  2. Awesome review! I have the Kindle version on pre order and I can't wait for it to arrive! I really hope it's one of my favourites too :D

  3. Great review! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book it sounds amazing. The characters sound very likeable and the premise, original. Thanks for sharing!

    Xpresso Reads

  4. I just posted my review for this book as well. It's safe to say that I agree w/you whole-heartedly. It's pretty sad that we're dying for book two & this one hasn't officially released yet!
    Great review!

  5. Holy c*w. MUST read this. Thx for bringing it to my attention. The cover is soooo cool. I hear you: Just started reading a book and already KNOW I love it.
    _yay_ @ BookthatThing!
    ° Interview + giveaway going on

  6. I want to read this so badly! I read the first few chapters on the Carrier of the Mark Facebook page and I'm hooked! Thanks for the review! (:

  7. CARRIER OF THE MARK is a highly addictive novel. I had heard so much hype before this book was released and when October 4 finally came around I went straight to the bookstore to get my hands on this! Ever since reading the FEVER series by Karen Marie Moning I've had a major thing for Ireland, to find out this book is taken place in Ireland got me very interested.