Friday, October 21, 2011

Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout - A student review

To end the week celebrating the release of Half-Blood, I have another review from one of my 8th grade honors math students.  She is totally in love with this book.  She's on her second time through it in less than a week.

Student Review
By Cora

Half Blood was amazing.  I loved the playful/flirty banter between Alex and Aiden.  One of my favorite parts was this one:

Aiden cracked his neck.  "I turn twenty-one in October."

"Huh."  I shook the bottle.  "So have you always been so...mature?"

His brows furrowed.  "Mature?"

"Yeah, you sound like a dad!"  I deepened my voice and tried to look stern.  "Don't look at me that way, or else."

Aiden blinked slowly.  "I don't sound like that and I didn't say 'or else'."

"But if you had, what would the 'or else' be? " I hid my grin with the bottle.

He glanced to the side, frowning.  "Can you just not talk through this?"

That was one of my favorite parts because it shows Alex's personality and how she and Aiden interact throughout the book.  My favorite character would have to be Aiden cause, come on, doesn't he sound like a good piece of eye candy?  I also like the way he doesn't care who's a half and who's a pure.  He treats them equally.

The second I opened the book, I was very intrigued.  It took me two days to read the book.  I read all the twilight books within a week but I have to say Half-Blood is better.  And, Aiden, he can train me anytime.

Nice job, Cora.  Thanks for sharing another review on my blog.

It's been a fun week with lots of Half-Blood.  If you missed any of it, here's the recap.

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  1. Thanks for such a great review, Cora! So glad you enjoyed Half-Blood... and Aiden!