Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dark Days Recap & Winner

I had a great time at the Boulder Dark Days Author Event....

Here's a recap of the activities.

It was a beautiful Colorado day and we were at the Barnes & Noble store in Boulder.

The authors read from there books and answered questions.  Check back here all week to see Vlog reports for each other and additional GIVEAWAYS of signed books.

I was live blogging and tweeting through the whole event.  Check out the blog log here.

In order from left to right....

A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Cold Kiss by Amy Garvy

Fateful by Claudia Gray

Supernaturally by Kiersten White


My thoughts:

Jocelyn Davies is so fun to listen to.  She has a unique perceptive on the publishing industry as she has worked on both sides an editor and an author.   While working at Harper Teen, she decided to put together her ideal submission.  What are her favorite things.  A Beautiful Dark is the result.  She talked a little about book two and I am so excited to it to come out.  I LOVED A Beautiful Dark and the cliff hanger ending was evil.  


It was fun to listen to Amy Garvy talk about how she ended up writing Cold Kiss.  She started as a ghost writer and then wrote romance for a while.  She felt both freed and terrified to be writing Cold Kiss as it was so different from her other experiences.  Cold Kiss came from a conversation she had about what comes after the vampire rampage.  Zombies seemed to be the next logical step.  As I listened to Amy talk about Danny, I got a new prospective on this book.  I am looking forward to see what comes next.


Claudia Gray talked about her experience of writing the Evernight series which was so not typical for most writers.  She was fortunate enough to have a publisher interested in her debut novel before it was even finished.  Fateful is stand alone book that takes place on the Titanic.  She playful called it the Weretanic while writing it and joked that it can get worse than being on the Titanic.  I LOVED Fateful and was so happy to hear Claudia talk about it.


Kiersten may be the funniest author I have ever met.  I actually was at both events in Colorado and saw her twice.  She made me laugh so much even though on Saturday she wasn't feeling well.  I can so see Evie in her.  She talked about how one time while editing the book, she responded to her editors email.  The editor wrote back and asked, "Did you just respond as Evie?"  The answer was yes, though not no purpose.  I can so totally see her slipping into Evie.  I hadn't read this series before and found Paranormalacy so refreshing and wonderful.  I can't want for book 3.  



Speaking of book 3, Endlessly, Kiersten read from the first chapter for us.  I will have more of that coming later this week.


Coming up this week....


Each day this week, I will be posting a vlog of each of the four authors answering questions.


Questions to look forward to....


Describe your most romantic moment, fact or fiction.


Tell us something about a character in your book that we won't learn in the book.


How are you like the characters in your book?


I also have some SIGNED books from the event to give away so come back and check everyday this week.


AND now the winner is... 


Harper Teen was gracious enough to sponsor a giveaway of all 5 Dark Days books on my blog. 




Amy (miss.smileygirlie) 


Congrats!  An email has been sent and Amy has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. 


  1. Kiersten White! I adore Kiersten White. She's one of my favorite authors because she's just hilarious and awesome. I don't know the other authors as well, but from what I've seen of them they're all really cool people. :D

  2. I wish Dark Days would come close to my hometown! Sounds like an awesome time!

  3. Wish I could attend such great events,too! It sounds so so awesome!

  4. You have made me the happiest girl ever. Thanks so much!